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What to Consider When You Are in The Trial Room

by Fashionlady
Important rule inside the trial room

When you are in trial room

We women sometimes can be mindless shoppers. Like they say, a woman is never content with the things she has! We tend to shop a lot and at the same time we forget some cardinal rules which would make our shopping a splendid experience. Here are some tips and tricks to consider while you are in the trial room trying out the latest dresses:

Three Fs to keep in mind:

1. FIT:

Is what you are buying the perfect ‘Fit’ for you? This is the most important rule inside the trial room. You may be tempted to buy something because they are fancy or cheap, but don’t fall in the trap if you think the fitting isn’t right. The most important part of looking good is feeling comfortable in what you are wearing! So, it doesn’t fit you right, you would be squirmy and down goes your confidence.

Fact about trial room

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Let’s give you a breakdown of ‘Fits’ of some popular clothes.

  • T-Shirts: T-shirts are generally worn in a way which is body-hugging, but keep in mind that your aim is not to display each and every muscle in your body! The sleeve should come up to mid bicep and the bottom of the shirt should rest at the biceps. This would be a good fit.

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Trip to the trial room

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  • Pants: These are a little tricky since there are so many styles! You have to make sure that you decide on what kind you want. Try on a bunch of all different pairs to decide which one would suit you best.


The second ‘F’ in the series, this will help you decide for yourself whether you really need T-shirt you just scooped up. Be very mindful when you are making a particular purchase because you may have the exact thing in your closet! Plus, accumulating new stuff does not mean that your closet space would expand right? When you are making that difficult choice, just ask yourself the simple question ‘How will I be using this item’. If you can come up with a valid reason for your purchase, then you should definitely go for it!

Think about classic items in your closet, if they are there, then you shouldn’t really be buying the same kind of stuff! Another question to ask yourself is how would you mix and match the item you want to buy. Mentally run through your closet essentials and mix it with the item you just picked up. If you think it can be worn with a lot of others, then you should definitely go for it!

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Women outfits

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3. FUN:

Last but not the least, the question of the hour-Will I enjoy wearing this? If you answer yes, then you should go ahead and buy what you picked up! This may seem like an unnecessary question, but it is actually relevant, especially when it comes to buying expensive items. If you are buying an expensive pair of pants, make sure it is for a reason and since it would be in your closet for a pretty long time, you should be able to wear it often! The point of buying something expensive or for that matter anything, is that you should feel sexy and empowered in it! It should give you a feeling of fun.

Trial room trying

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There you go! We have given you the rules to think about before making that trip to the trial room! Keep the three ‘Fs’ in mind and we reckon you will be fine!

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