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Tips To Plan A Beach Wedding

by Fashionlady
Tips To Plan Beach Wedding

People adore the idea of beach weddings because they are extremely beautiful and dreamy, but we say that only referring to the pictures. A beach wedding is an event that has to be organized very calculative. Though one can choose to spend less on this affair the amount of planning and hard work cannot be escaped. Here are some tips cumulated for someone who is desperately looking forward to a beach wedding…

Tips To Plan Beach Wedding

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1. The Location Of The Wedding:

A beach wedding is not as simple as it seems, a lot of paperwork goes in the background. If you are planning the wedding on a public beach, you might have to talk to the concerned authority to reserve a section on the beach. Fulfill all the permit requirements of the state to avoid any trouble in the future. This step is the first and the most important. You will also require to pay commission for using the space.

Few people are lucky and have a family member or a kind-hearted friend who owns a private beach. For those who don’t, can rent it one for a day. Sometimes Public beaches are way too crowded, and it’s impossible to get some personal space. A private beach is more desirable as it provides more privacy and very fewer restrictions. Just look for the fee for the permit and the charges for cleaning.

2. Ditch The Mainstream Wedding Attires:

The Clothing:

A ball gown suits in a ballroom, wearing a full-length gown made of luxurious fabric can be very troublesome to manage on the beach. Wear something flowy and easy to carry on the beach. Women aspire to wear the long veils in their wedding, but for a beach ceremony, a long veil can turn out to be a nightmare. Also, do not forget to apply waterproof sunscreen to make sure that you don’t get any unwanted tan lines or sunburn.

The same goes for men; black tuxedos are a big NO for a beach wedding. Go for lighter fabrics and colors that complement the overall vibe of the beach.

The Footwear:

Heels on the sand are the biggest folly you can make on a beach. Ditch the heels and go for wedges, espadrilles or flat-soled sandals for this special occasion. If comfortable, you may also choose to go without any footwear. Get your dress hemmed with or without the footwear, according to the style you opt for.

The Hair:

Beaches are breezy, and they won’t be kind to your hair. The air on the beach has the full potential to ruin your hairstyle that took 2 hours to be made. Therefore, you need to twice a lot before deciding your hairstyle. It shouldn’t be too intricate because ultimately the wind will take over.

3. The Wedding Cake:

The wedding cake is unarguably the most delicious highlight of the ceremony. One difficulty that bothers at a beach wedding is the melting of the cake. In most cases, people purchase the cake hours before the wedding and sadly, the cake melts down. Now luckily there is a great escape from this problem and it’s called India Cakes. It’s one of the most popular online portals that deal in a delightful variety of cakes. It serves in all the states of India. You can choose the timing of the cake delivery according to your needs. It’s convenient and time-saving.

4. Don’t Take The Decorations Lightly:

It is easier to decorate locations other than a beach, just a bit of bling and you are good to go. However, it gets challenging to think of a design that complements the natural lighting of a beach. The decorations cannot be glittery, neither they can be too loud. To highlight the beauty of this natural setting, one can make use of some natural things like seashells, starfishes, and flowers. They will not look artificial and enhance the look of the entire setting. Choose some vibrant colors that create a contrast between the sand and the water.

5. Make Space For Some Shade:

Getting married under the sky sounds like an utmost romantic idea, but it can be a torture for the guests. Do not forget to create some canopies for your guests to get rid of the harsh rays of the sun. When it gets too hot for the attendees, this shade will be their best friend.

6. Music To Set The Right Vibe:

Be it any happy occasion, it’s incomplete without some nice music. But for a beach wedding, it becomes a compulsion. A lot of noise is there in the background at a beach wedding, there are the wind and waves. Make sure you arrange some good speakers that manage to hide the unwanted noises. Most of the people do not focus on these aspects, but these little details add to the grace of the wedding.

Make It Perfect!

There could be nothing better than getting married beneath the blue sky on a sandy beach. Keep these tips in mind while planning for the most special day of your life and make the most out of it. Also, we suggest making a checklist of everything while starting to plan the wedding. The day doesn’t have to be perfect only in the pictures, make sure everything is on point so that the memories are embedded in your heart forever. It’s a beginning of a new chapter, how can you miss out on anything at all?

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