15 Bridal Sneakers To Wear On Your Wedding Day To Look More Stylish

We thank heavens that finally brides are moving past heels and favoring practicality over formality. And we know so many of you are thoroughly here for it. Now the irony was that bridal sneakers weren’t officially a trend that was announced. But quite possibly some brides chose to walk the aisle in comfort, and the idea spread.

Bridal Sneakers For Women

It is great news for those averse with wearing heels and can now have a chance to avoid discomfort in a big way. Even better is the availability of customized bridal sneakers in every variety-embroidered, woven, metallic, and embellished. Hence no matter what type of wedding theme you’ve settled on-you are guaranteed to find a sneaker that blends right in with our selections below.

Shop These Bridal Sneakers For Your Big Day:

Without further delay, here are the top 15 bridal sneakers:

1. Statement Wedding Sneakers:

Nothing says wedding than a pair of customized bridal slip-ons and we’re all for statement wedding detailing. This custom wedding sneakers have different accents on either side, including a cute ‘here comes the bride’ imprint across the top. Need we say more?

Custom Wedding Sneakers

Source: instagram.com/poshampa

2. Hand-embroidered Saree Fabric Sneakers:

Celebrate your nuptials by proudly integrating a saree fabric embroidered sneakers. These custom-made shoes are 100% bridal and proudly Sabyashchi’s in collaboration with Christian Louboutin.

Hand-embroidered Saree Fabric Sneakers

Source: footwearnews.com

3. Gold Studded Sneakers:

Gold studded stones make these wedding tennis shoes anything but ordinary. It can perfectly describe the bohemian, carefree bride.

Gold Studded Sneakers

Source: facebook.com/divanicouture

4. Fancy Rhinestone Sneakers:

Or you can also opt for rhinestone studded embellishments-these ultra sneakers are decorated with them. You’ll make the coolest bride ever-with endless compliments guaranteed.

Fancy Rhinestone Sneakers

Source: instagram.com/merakimishell

5. Holographic Platform Sneakers:

These holographic platform sneakers come in gold and white soles, so obviously they’re geared for the wedding day. Pair the patent shoes with coordinating bridal gold sets and a much-shorter hemline so your loved ones can admire your ‘gold hint.’

Holographic Platform Sneakers

Source: facebook.com/thephotodiary3

6. Lace Sneakers:

Basically these lace sneakers are perfect to wear during weddings; and dreamy enough to wear all honeymoon long.

Lace Sneakers

Source: beautifulbrideshop.com

7. Embroidered Platforms:

Embroidered decals leave these brogues look like they were made with weddings in mind. These wedding shoes will fit in a garden wedding.

Embroidered Platforms

Source: instagram.com/shradhahedau_official

8. Royalty Inspired Sneakers:

If you wish to coordinate your sneakers with your significant order then this royalty inspired footwear is just perfect.

Royalty Inspired Sneakers

Source: instagram.com/wedwise

9. Glitter Wedding Sneakers:

What do we say? Glittery wedding sneakers can add a sparkle to any wedding ensemble. If you are looking for bridal sneakers India in similar designs then you can check online or stores.

Glitter Wedding Sneakers

Source: instagram.com/megangogginsphotography

10. Ivory Converse Shoes:

There are more options for wedding shoes like this converse styled ones. You can have your name and wedding date engraved for a more personalized touch.

Ivory Converse Shoes

Source: wedding-converse.co.uk

11. White Embroidered Sneakers:

You can never go wrong with an embroidered classic sneaker, like white and gold. These casual kicks can add in the ultra-glam that you need at your special day.

White Embroidered Sneakers

Source: facebook.com/divanicouture

12. Floral Embellished Sneakers:

Most brides love to add in their personal touch from the wedding dress to the shoes. If you are looking for diy wedding sneakers ideas then this floral embellished ones are a perfect start. They are feminine and chic all the way.

DIY Wedding Sneakers

Source: sg.carousell.com

13. Wedge Sneakers:

For the bride who desires ultimate comfort at her wedding day, the wedge sneakers are top-rated. Brides can dance and stand around with ease for long hours in these cushioned wedges.

Wedding Shoes for Women

Source: twitter.com/shoe_wedding

14. Floral Embossed Sneakers:

This romantic wedding brogue comes in white, pink, and gold setting. It is perfect for a garden wedding. The bohemian detailing on the top panels ensures ultimate sophistication.

Bridal Sneakers India

Source: instagram.com/banjaaran

15. Floral Woven Platform Sneakers:

These floral depicted platform shoes are perfect for any bride who desires to go for red wedding dress. And the embroidery details add class to the rustic-inspired wedding platforms.

Bridal Sneakers For Indian Bride

Source: sg.carousell.com

These are the bridal sneakers in all colors and designs you can purchase right now. Which ones did you like the most? Tell us in the comment box below.

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