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11 Bridal Looks From Around The World

by Fashionlady
Bridal Looks Around The World

It’s always a welcome change to witness different customary weddings other than the traditional white or red ones. Pretty much all countries in the world have their own customary beliefs which extend to bridal looks. We’ve browsed through some of the most gorgeous wedding-day looks, both modern and traditional. Some are sweet, some are strange, but what binds these passed-on customs is one simple thread: love. Read on to learn about 11 of the most awe-inspiring bridal looks around the globe to give you an idea of how many traditions work out beyond the champagne toast.

Bridal Looks From Around The World

11 Unbelievable Wedding Looks around the Globe:

While every bride has their distinctive sense of styling, the inspiration is often drawn from upbringing, tradition, heritage, and culture. Here’s what that looks around the globe:

1. Ossetia:

White is an auspicious color to the Ossetian brides symbolizing happiness. Their long-sleeved dress is often styled with a metal belt around the waist, known as talisman.

Ossetian Bride

Source: instagram.com/tmenov_boris

2. Ukraine:

The traditional wedding clothes of the Ukranians are very colorful with floral embroideries. And so are their weddings which are lively, full of fun, dancing and games. The bright colors represents beauty and youth.

Ukraine Bride

Source: proudofukraine.com

3. India:

Indian brides are loyal to their red over red wedding ensembles. It symbolizes fertility, commitment, and spirituality. While the nose rings worn by the bride is a mark of beauty. Henna adorns the bride’s hands and feet, drawn by relatives or professional mehndi artists. The henna symbolizes joyous offerings.

India Bride

Source: facebook.com/PriyaLallsPhotography

4. Sri Lanka:

A Sri Lankan bride wears special jewellery known as Nalapata which is placed on their forehead. It is to be worn by the mother and symbolizes eternity.

Sri Lanka Bride

Source: facebook.com/kingsleypereraphoto

5. Turkmenistan:

In Turkmenistan, the traditional bridal look is a red silk dress made from homemade textured weaves with glided or silver pendants.

Turkmenistan Bride

Source: flickr.com/photos/trainplanepro

6. South Africa:

The South African bridal look is colorful, light, and fun. The wedding attire is not completed without inkehli, the bride’s hat, colorful beaded bracelets, and necklaces.

South Africa Bride

Source: instagram.com/gobygeohaghan/

7. Kenya:

On the wedding day, the brides of the Maasai tribe in Kenya paint their bodies and faces using red ochre pigment. Her shaved head is smeared with a little butchered animal fat. The wedding dress is completed with 20 colorful neckpieces made of shells and beads, headdress, and beaded cowhide shawls.

The night of the wedding known as kupamba is auspicious for the bride as she is allowed to remove her veil to reveal the hairstyle and jewellery.

Kenya Bride

Source: thkgallery.com

9. Bali, Indonesia:

In Bali, Indonesia the bride wears jasmine strands around her hair according to the Japanese tradition. This flower is symbolic for life and growth and therefore considered to be auspicious for the brides. Their wedding look is vivid and royalty personified with both the bride and groom wearing gold crowns around their heads.

Bali Indonesia Bride

Source: instagram.com/kamalastudio

10. Kosovo:

The unique decorated face worn by the Kosovo brides is a 1000 year old tradition. Do you know that each of the shapes and colors used on the face are symbolic? It ensures the bride live a healthy, fertile life with her newly wedding partner.

Kosovo Bride

Source: documenta14.de

11. Ribnovo, Bulgaria:

In Ribnovo, Bulgaria, the wedding festivities go on for five days. The second day of the wedding is considered to be the best. On this day, the face of the Muslim brides is white painted and adorned with beads and sequins. It is also customary for the bride to wear a tinsel veil and flowered headband. They are expected to keep their eyes closed until the priest gives their blessings.

Ribnovo Bulgaria Bride

Source: muirgilsdream.tumblr.com

These are the some of the most beautiful 11 bridal looks from around the world. All the traditions and customs are worth it in the end, don’t you think so?

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