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5 Must-Have Essentials In Your Summer Wedding Trousseau

by Fashionlady
Bridal Essentials Summer Wedding Trousseau

All summer brides should ensure that their bridal wedding trousseau align with the feel of the season. Skipping layered, heavy jewellery, padded blouses, and uncomfortable heels are a good idea. After all, a trendsetting bride is always welcome, and so is a bride who does not compromise on comfort.

Bridal Essentials Summer Wedding Trousseau

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While there are tons of bridal essentials for wedding trousseau, there are few you may not be aware of, and even better-how helpful they are. So here are five must-have essential ideas that you can add to your bridal list that are practical and handy.

Five Bridal Essentials you should include in your Summer Wedding Trousseau:

These five bridal essentials will keep your summer wedding trousseau in place. Take a look.

1. Pleat Maker:

Wearing sari for wedding can be daunting for most brides. You can try the pleat maker if you aren’t a pro at wearing it. They are total lifesavers and can be very handy!

Pleat Maker

Source: easysaree.com

2. Shaper Petticoat for Saris:

Tummy tucker for saris is most helpful. Wearing one on your wedding can give your body a nice shape. Look for ones that do not leave you with dig marks. If you don’t own one, then you should get it ASAP!

Shaper Petticoat for Saris

Source: zivame.com

3. Earring Support Tape and Patches:

Most people use a delicate metal chain to support heavy earrings. But it can get uncomfortable after wearing for a long period of time. You can use earring support tape and patches instead. It is suitable for those with bigger ear holes. It can prevent you from all the pain and discomfort that comes while wearing heavy earrings.

Earring Support Tape and Patches

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4. Heel Protectors:

Remember the time when you heel got stuck walking on grass or soft mud? That is an experience you don’t want on your wedding. Heel protectors are an excellent option to keep your feet protected all day long.

Heel Protectors

Source: starlettos.com

5. Stick-on Bra or Pasties:

Stick-on bra or pasties are an essential item for unpadded, backless, and sheer blouses. In fact they can be way better than strapless bras.

Stick-on Bra

Source: clovia.com

These are five must have essentials to add to your summer wedding trousseau. Hope you pick these ideas for your big day. Do write to us about your experiences below.

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