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Gorgeous Beach Wedding Ideas To Think Of This December

by Fashionlady
best beach wedding ideas

beach wedding ideas

With all the fanfare and drama that does happen to organize a beach wedding, add to that the rituals and the customs or traditions (Indian weddings namely), it is a splendid experience per se to have the couples taking their vows of matrimony on a beach.

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As they say “I do” or take the “saath pheras”, the salty winds, the sunshine and the elements of nature around could play havoc on the beach wedding makeup and the looks of the bride and the groom. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a beach wedding per se; ensure you have the right bridal makeup artist and the best designer to help you choose a look that helps you stay comfortable and glitzy all the way! Read on for some brilliant beach wedding ideas, tips and much more…

ideas for beach wedding

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Get Organized – Choosing Perfect Beach Wedding Dresses, Venue And All That Jazz

Organizing and staying focused are the keys to a successful beach wedding, and one has to be very diligent about the look and theme of the wedding they would want to flaunt as well. Right from choosing the right venue to the exquisite beach wedding dresses, the attendees comfort and more, nothing can be left to chance per se!

beach wedding

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It Isn’t a ‘No-Brainer’

Want the wedding to be a private affair with very few besties around and of course both families too? If that is what you dream of, a beach wedding then at the OFF SEASON is the best thing to do. You obviously wouldn’t find much of a crowd or curious onlookers in the months from March end to early September around the beaches of Goa (assuming that’s your wedding destination), so choose a time when the sun isn’t too bright or when the monsoons wont be too harsh, and hitch away!

Best ideas for beach wedding

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Contact a Local Caterer

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, says an old adage, and we would like your beach wedding to follow the same. Choosing a local caterer for weddings on the beach means money saving and also a spread of national and international delicacies to choose from. This makes it cake walk for you and your fiance, so no cracking heads there.

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About The Alcohol And Wines

A liquor license may be needed, which the local caterers would know how to get sans you running around for the needful. Or else, ask the resort to arrange the food and catering, the music and the wedding rituals as well- there are packages that are easily affordable to make a beach wedding a wonderful one!


Best Beach Party Ideas

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But Wait, What About The Makeup And Couture To Wear?

The beach is always a popular spot for romance, music, food, wine and love, and with a summer beach wedding, wearing the best outdoor wedding makeup looks and having your loved ones around shouldn’t be ignored! Such sinful thoughts- no ways!

Tips On The Makeup To Flaunt

  1. Keep the lips nude or neutral
  2. Keep the eyes smokey and sultry
  3. Keep the hair flowing in the winds or a tight updo for the classy lass playing on the sand look, and
  4. Keep the blush and bronzer in the vanity case- use sun tan lotion and a touch of pink on the cheeks for highlighting, that’s it
  5. Flowers for the hair or a wreath crown for sure- so boho-chic we tell you.

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outdoor wedding makeup looks

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