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What to Wear to A Best Friend’s Wedding?

by Fashionlady
What to Wear to Best Friend’s Wedding

Remember UGLY BETTY, here’s a quote from the famous sitcom that describes it all, “Victoria Beckham plays, in this episode, Wilhelmina’s Maid of Honour – but in Posh style, she soons begins to capture the spotlight, much to Wilhelmina’s disgrace.” Before we proceed any further on telling you how to dress for your BFF’s wedding, watch this clip from UGLY BETTY; you’d get the hint!

For the sake of pearls and tears

Pearls on the crown and tears of joy in her eyes, the bride-to-be walks down the aisle with hope and aspirations of beginning a new life with her fiancé! For the bride-to-be to have you as her ‘chosen one’ (bridesmaid or maid of honour), is testimony enough of the trust she has laid on you. Replicating her bridal wear; the colour, the style, the shade and even her accessories and shoes, is so not called for. This would be utmost disrespect you could give your BFF. By overshadowing her and stealing her ‘thunder’ on her big day, she would wonder if having you around today was her worst nightmare!

For the sake of pearls and tears

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Intentionally or not!

This is something most bridesmaids and BFF’s of the bride-to-be (girls and boys alike) should be wary of. Sometimes unintentionally we would end up stealing the show; making the couple look redundantly pleasing on their big day.

Intentionally or not


What dress to wear to a wedding?

“Something Borrowed Something Blue” says the old adage, well you now, as her BFF, would get to be the “something blue”. Without stealing her thunder, wear a dress (you could even think of dress pants and a nice crisp shirt) that sits pretty above your ankle, and just incase you drop a flower, a kerchief or the ring; you’d have no trouble ‘bending’ to pick it up- sans the ‘free show’ leaving nothing to imagination. For one overpowering dress that you want to wear at your BFF’s wedding; a cat-fight for life could follow. You don’t want to ruin your friendship over such matters, right?

What dress to wear to a wedding


The shoes

While the bride decides to wear her quirky heels and in all her grace, as her BFF you too can look chic, in comfortable shoes as well. You do not have to go one notch up on her; it’s her big day. A comfortable pair of heels for you should be fine. Let’s not forget the hot groomsman eyeing you would want a dance with you; so comfort on the feet is a must.

The shoes


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Carry a bag


The bride would carry a chic clutch or a tote bag at the reception; you can have a shoulder bag which would help keep the odds and ends, including final touches for makeup (mascara, powders, creams, a comb etc) in it. A colour that suits your ensemble but not too shiny or shimmery, would be just fine.

carry a bag


Don’t wear white or red

Most brides-to-be would choose whites and reds or the shades on the same lines. There are even those who break the norms with colour choices (blues, yellows, peaches, almonds). Choose a colour that befits the theme of the wedding, or simply go non-traditional and steer clear from the colour of the bride’s trousseau.

Pay attention to the invitation card

The invitation card would obviously mention the theme; most do. If it is a beach marriage, the choices are galore to look chic and trendy in your own way, sans the need to be under-dressed. Save the cleavage show for another time; too many slits to show those legs- not acceptable.

Pay attention to the invitation card


Bridesmaid dressing

Unless of course the bride in question has chosen you to be her ‘bridesmaid’ (in most probabilities, she would choose the bridesmaid outfit too), do not dress and emulate the bridesmaids. No matter how close you are to the bride; respect her decision and do not make an unwanted scene at her wedding.

Bridesmaid dressing


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