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Aditi Arya Crowned FBB Femina Miss India World 2015

by Fashionlady
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Aditi Arya Crowned FBB Femina Miss India World 2015
Just like debutante balls in high societies are a must, likewise, beauty pageants and beauty contests in the showbiz business are a necessity. The recently organised Femina Miss India 2015, by FBB, had their last round of grilling and testing on March 28th.

The night ended with three winners. Miss India – World, the first runner up, and the second runner up.

Aditi Arya, a gorgeous research analyst, hailing from Gurgaon was awarded the title of Miss India World, and you could see the happiness and pride on her face. It was a total Kodak moment guys! Unlike other regular answers like – I want world peace, I want to diminish poverty, Miss Arya gave refreshing, realistic and honest answers which wooed the audience.

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She said her aim was to bring the Miss World title back to India. You go girl! Being a research analyst, her hobbies weren’t unusual. She liked taking part in things that were constructive and helped her in some way or the other.

Aditi Arya


Her winning statement was – every woman must possess grace and compassion. How true is that? And ironically, possessing both these qualities has/have nothing to do with being beautiful! Glad to know that our girls are getting the true meaning of life and beauty, and are getting over superficial things! We mean, yeah, we must be well groomed always, but being arrogant about beauty? Such a turn off!


The first runner up was a gorgeous leggy lass from Mangaluru, who spent her growing years in New Zealand. Aafreen Rachel Vaz won the crowd in the semi-final round by saying – be your own best friend. Such a valuable advice, especially if you are in the show business!

Aafreen Rachel Vaz


The second runner up, Vartika Singh who hails from Lucknow also won another title – beauty with a purpose. She loves to dance and indulge in some outdoor sports! Can you believe that? Contestants of beauty pageants aren’t afraid of sun or scraping their skin. So refreshing!

Vartika Singh


Since Femina Miss India is the most credible beauty pageant in India, the winner get to participate in Miss World Pageant that will be held later this year. We are super excited to see pretty Arya there.

The show was attended by creme de la crème of Bollywood and showbiz industry, and saw electrifying performances from gorgeous ladies like Kareena Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez and Shahid Kapoor. Popular singers gave energetic performances and entertained the nervous audience!

Take a look at B-town beauties who attended the pageant!

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