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Weight Loss Fruits For a Healthy Slimmer You

by Fashionlady
Weight Loss fruits For a Healthy Slimmer

Weight Loss fruits For a Healthy Slimmer You
Been there, done that and you still do not know why that stubborn fat won’t go. You don’t even know what composition or ingredients the ‘miracle weight loss’ pills are made of. Yet, in a bid to have that flat stomach and leaner legs and arms, we would spend a bomb. What if we told you, there was an easy and a very cost-effective way, along with plenty of water and a right exercise routine to follow, for a fast weight loss? Sounds like a dream; well, read on and learn more!

Have your fruit and lose weight too

More often than not we emphasize on at least one fruit per meal. This is because:

  1.  Fruits provide the body with natural sugars
  2.  Fruits help the body burn fat
  3.  Fruits help the body heal
  4.  Fruits are good for the hair and skin too
  5.  Fruits are natures way of showing us more love

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Anything in excess would be bad, and fruits have sugar in them which when eaten in excess can be fattening. But wait, here are 5 fruits that would help you lose weight!

have your fruit and lose weight too



We have read about several avocado benefits for skin and hair. But did you know, avocado is one of the best fruits for weight loss too? Thanks to the abundance of Omega 9 fatty acids in them, the conversion of weight loss is on the double when avocados are eaten. Metabolism rate would be given a boost too.

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Ever heard of ‘medium chain triglycerides or MCFAs’- coconut has plenty of it, which helps the liver and the metabolism rate of the body work on the double. A bite of fresh coconut pulp brings in the much needed help for our thyroid glands. The milk of coconut helps with easy bowel movements, the fibre in it keeps you full too. No more bloating issues, and a healthy weight loss for sure!





Besides several beauty uses of lemon, Lemon juice with honey in warm water every morning and on an empty stomach does wonders to alkalize the internals. Acidic base as it is in taste, it helps with boosting the metabolism rate of the body and also with alkalizing the tissues and fluids in our system as well. Our liver needs help in burning fat, which lemons can do miraculously overtime.




Excellent as a weight loss fruit to have, grapefruit has plenty of vitamins in it, especially Vitamin C which cares for the hair and the skin. Studies at the famous John Hopkins University showed women losing 20 pounds in 13 weeks on an average when they consumed grapefruit daily.




Best to remove tan, the pulp of tomatoes can also help in weight loss too. Thanks to the phytochemical lycopene and the vitamin C in it, amino acids from the tomato in the form of carnitine can help boost the rate of weight loss and fat-burn.



So these were a few ways to lose weight fast. The kitchen has cheaper solutions for weight-loss; and you do not need to alter your lifestyle and diet plans. There could be a couple of other reasons why you are not losing weight, we would ask you to consider speaking to an expert; a dietitian or a nutritionist of repute. The article here has information through research only; please consider talking to your doctor for more information.

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