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10 Healthy Issues And A List Of Winter Fruits To Cure Away The Winter Blues In Minutes

by Fashionlady
List Of Winter Fruits

Best Winter Fruits

Winter time means you could end up with a host of ailments and maladies that you really wish doesn’t happen to you, but they do. If you don’t take good care about yourself, chances are that you may end up under the blankets, while your friends party around. So be kind to yourself and as we head into spring, learn more about what this particular list of winter fruits can do for you.

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Winter Fruits In India

Now we also know it is quite boring for you to pick and munch on one of these special fruits from the list of winter fruits- solution at hand would be infused water. Let’s take a look at the list of winter fruits in India infused in water which would help you deal with all the winter woes and sorry sicknesses as well.

Winter Fruits In India

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Why Infused Water?

Who has the time to munch away, and this would be exactly one of the reasons why infused water is such a hit, apart from being delicious. With infused water, the body gets all the necessary nutrients it needs and you really don’t have to try too hard as well to keep the body fit. Chop these fruits into medium size portions and dump them in a jar of water.

Infused water ideas

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Did you know, with infused water using this list of winter fruits, you could actually burn plenty of calories too! And if you check around with chefs, you would be given a list of delicious recipes to help with immunity boost and beauty too. How does this sound?

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Infused water ideas in winter

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Winter is when the immune system takes a beating, and if left unchecked it could snowball into other maladies too-, so here are some of the best infused water recipes from a list of winter fruits in india, which you can use.

Winter infused water ideas

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1. Chopped Pears In Water

If you would like stronger immunity and to lower the blood pressure levels in your body, we would ask you to make a jar of infused pear water. Grab a couple of pears and a liter of water. Chop the pears into moderate sized pieces and let them soak overnight in the water. You may add a pinch of cinnamon for taste and a few herbs of your choice for garnishing, if needed. Drink this on an empty stomach each day, first thing in the morning.

Top 10 Winter Fruits

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2. Raspberries In Water

Cut into two each raspberry and place the pieces in a liter of water. A cup of raspberries would be enough to bring into the body plenty of antioxidants and vitamins- both very essential to help with proper blood flow, to fight free radicals and to nourish the immune system as well. Add a pinch of nutmeg to make it tangy and spicy if need be, and have the drink as an alternative to your morning cup of tea everyday.

Raspberries In Water

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3. Pomegranate Seeds In Water

Take two pomegranates and remove its juicy seeds from within. Add a pinch of rosemary and salt for taste and submerge the seeds into a liter of water, overnight. Keep it still till the next morning. Before you have a bite or breakfast, we would suggest having a cup of this water which is now full of antioxidants and nutrients. This is a drink that helps nourish the skin cells and keeps the immune system in check.

Pomegranate Seeds In Water

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5. Blueberries Infused Water

Amongst the many winter fruits in India, blueberries are the best to have. This is because they help with fighting free radicals in the body and also with the pH level balance too. You would need a cup of blueberries, cut into half and placed in a liter of water. Add a few drops of honey and a pinch of cinnamon to the water, and let it sit overnight. Drink this water after your breakfast each day and after dinner each night.

Blueberries Infused Water

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6. Cucumber And Lime

A few slices of cucumber and a half piece of lime, when infused in a liter of water overnight can help the body with detoxification and toxin removal. For this you would need to have the drink on an empty stomach. Have a glass of this drink each noon and night, before your meals and watch how your skin starts to glow, your coughs and colds would be reduced and there wouldn’t be fever pangs to worry about as well.

Cucumber And Lime Water

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7. Cranberries In Water

A cup of cranberries when cut into tiniest pieces and submerged into water, forms a titillating sweet drink overnight. You may add a drop of orange oil or essence to enhance the taste, or maybe a pinch of black salt too. This is a drink best had when the stomach is full, which helps remove LDL or bad cholesterol from the body, and detoxifies every cell too. Cranberries are Seasonal Fruits, which means you must take advantage of this drink now!

Cranberries In Water

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8. Apple Infusions

Cut one large apple into thin and sleek slices, placing them in a liter of water with a pinch of nutmeg and a drop of orange oil. Have the water the next morning on an empty stomach, which would instantly help you flush away the toxins and maintain the pH level of the body too. Your skin and hair concerns, and the immune system would be cared for as well. No wonder they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Apple Infusions

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9. Ginger And Grapes

Grab a bunch of red or black grapes and with the help of a pin, puncture the fruits individually. Now place the bunch without the stalks in a liter of water. Add a piece of ginger to this water and let it rest overnight. The next morning, you have a drink to refresh the cells in your body and to bring in plenty of vitamins and antioxidants to care for you immune system as well. On an empty stomach you should have this drink, which can help with weight loss too.

Seasonal Fruits

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10. Custard Apple Water

Not many of us know that custard apples can help boost the immune system and our energy levels during the cold harsh winter months as well. For this reason we shall have a cup of custard apple water, which is very sweet smelling and tasty. Add a chopped cup of custard apple to your liter of water with a pinch of lime in it. Drink this water on an empty stomach each morning and flush away the toxins and waste that cause indigestion issues.

Winter Fruits in India

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Here were the ten infused water recipes with Indian winter fruits for you to try. Do let us know how else would you use these top 10 winter fruits for healthy living, we are eager to know!

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