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Top 4 Fruits for Healthy and Glowing Skin

by Fashionlady

Beauty is intrinsic. It comes from deep within and reflects your inner state of mind, lifestyle and a healthy diet. While too much junk and oily food can cause acne and bad skin problems, it is important to detox and flush your body of toxins. To keep your skin naturally healthy, glowing and beautiful, it is important to have lots of greens, salads, vegetables and fruits. They not only keep your skin healthy but also bring a natural glow, shine and luster to your skin, hair and body.

Now you can not only eat fruits for acquiring clean and clear skin, but also can use it for doing a simple, yet effective facial at home. Isn’t it good to opt for a chemical-free, healthy and natural facial which will do wonders for your skin?

FashionLady presents to you five five fruits which will give you healthy, radiant and glowing complexion:

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1. Banana 
Being a great source of magnesium ,iron and potassium, this delicious fruit performs miracles for the skin. With its rich content of vitamins, it acts as an anti aging agent and also the water content helps in keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated. It acts as a natural moisturizing agent and its soft, creamy texture gives a soft, supple touch to the skin. If you have cracked heels, then pulp of two soft bananas can be used as an effective feet pack to fill in the cracks and heal the skin.

You could also eat a banana as a part of your daily fruit intake to keep your digestive system clear. A good and clean digestive system is essential for the
overall health and well-being of your skin.

banana skin care

Source: Pinterest

2. Tomato 

While many confuse tomato to be a vegetable, this tantalizing red is a powerhouse of anti-oxidants which acts as a sun-screen and anti-aging agent. Thanks to their acidic nature, it works effectively for treating pimples, dark marks, acne and skin breakouts.

Also, it is the best skin whitening agent without any side effects and gives you radiant skin on regular usage.Instead of spending big bucks on fairness creams and skin whitening treatments at parlors, opt for tomato face masks which also tone your skin.

You could try a tomato, oatmeal and yogurt mask or tomato and sandalwood mask for getting flawless, clean and radiant complexion.

tomato beauty care

Source : Pinterest.com

3.  Strawberries 
Perhaps they are the most attractive, juicy and gorgeous ones in the fruit kingdom! Who doesn’t love to dig into the sweet, luscious skin of juicy and pink strawberries? Well, they are not only great to eat but also work beautifully for your skin!

They contain natural compounds with anti-inflammable properties which can heal under eye bags and puffiness. And who knew, strawberries could exfoliate rid of dull and dead skin in giving shiny, smooth and soft skin?

With its wholesome goodness and anti-oxidants, apply thin layer of strawberry juice on your skin and rejuvenate it beautifully.

Strawberries beauty skin

Source : Pinterest.com

4.  Mango 
It is the reigning king of all fruits and the delight found in Indian summer seasons. It has amazing benefits fort he skin as it hydrates and cleanses the skin deeply. It also lightens the skin with its cosmetic effect and nutritional properties.With its consumption, the skin becomes soft, radiant because of its rich fatty acid content.

Mango works wonders for the skin by:

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