7 Beauty Uses of Lemon: Benefits of Lemon


Beauty Uses of Lemon Benefits of Lemon
Of all the beauty products found in our kitchens, lemons are the most versatile natural skincare agents. They can be more than cleansing agents for the skin. Let’s find out the various beauty uses of lemon.

1. Benefits of Lemon as a Hair lightener

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. If you want to lighten your hair but do not want to use chemical-based hair dye as it may damage your hair then you can simply add lemon juice to your henna that will give you sun-kissed highlights. Besides, the citric acid present in the lemon also helps in fighting against dandruff. This is a great lemon use for hair.

Benefits of Lemon as a Hair lightener

2. Benefits of Lemon as a Clarifying moisturizer

A clarifying lotion is nothing but a toner that is used for face exfoliation. While cosmetic skincare items can work with certain side effects on sensitive skin, it’s better to prefer natural beauty products such as lemon that works as a fabulous clarifying moisturizer as well.

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Just mix a few drops of lemon juice with coconut water and apply it over your face. It not only hydrates, but also adds glow to the skin.

Benefits of Lemon as a Clarifying moisturizer

3. Benefits of Lemon as a Nail straightener

All the fancy manicure items available at the beauty store do not necessarily mean to give you the desired results. There are some gel manicures that can actually damage and weaken your nails. You can count on your lemon for your manicure session as well.

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Simply mix a few drops of lemon juice with olive oil in a bowl. Now soak your nails in the mixture for couple of minutes. This homemade skincare agent also helps in removing the yellowish shade of nails.

Benefits of Lemon as a Nail straightener

4. Benefits of Lemon as an Elbow and kneel bleacher

Elbows and knees are dark parts in our body, as most of the times we tend to use these parts to take support when we bend. And whenever we are using desk, then we have the tendency of using our elbows for resting.


Every day, run these areas with lemon and eventually you’ll see a difference. The areas treated with lemon lighten up, over a period of time with regular use. Lemon uses for the skin are immense.

Benefits of Lemon as an Elbow and kneel bleacher

5. Benefits of Lemon as a Lip exfoliator

This natural beauty product can also be used as a lip exfoliator. Chapped lips are among the most commonly seen winter skin complications, which can be treated with lemon. All you need to do is apply lemon juice on your lips before going to bed. Next morning simply wash them off with water, and see the dried skin flake off.

7. Benefits of Lemon as a Teeth whitener

Instead of spending money on expensive toothpastes that claim to bring back whitening to your teeth, just use lemon.

Mix lemon juice with baking soda and then apply it your teeth. Leave it for couple of minutes and then clean it with Q-tip. Now brush your teeth and rinse off well. Even though it’s time taking, still it’s cheaper and better than visiting dentist. Baking soda as a beauty product is also very helpful in home remedies.

benefits of Lemon as a Blackhead remover

So those were the top 7 beauty uses of lemon juice.


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