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8 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

by Fashionlady

So you’re baffled as to why you are not losing weight despite working out and following a healthy diet? Sometimes it might seem like you’re doing everything right and yet are not seeing the results that you had hoped for. Well, here are some pointers that could explain why you’re not losing weight, despite making a determined effort.

1. Skipping Meals

While it might seem like a great way to lose weight, skipping meals especially breakfast just messes with your body’s metabolism and slows down your fat burning capacity. So always start your day with a healthy breakfast to kick-start your metabolism.

2. Cheating the Diet

Do you regularly indulge in diet sodas and low-fat lattes and convince yourself it’s still healthy eating because they are low calorie options? Well, guess what. These seemingly low calorie healthier options will still mess with your weight loss program. So steer clear of these unhealthy choices and snack on fruits instead.

3. Your Food Proportions are Wrong

So you’re eating almonds, avocados, dark chocolates, walnuts, and all the other healthy stuff that your dietician said were okay? But if you’re having them all together and at huge quantities, they go from being healthy snacks to being fatty foods. So know how much and how often you should eat such high fat foods.

4. You are Sleep deprived

Yes how well and how long you sleep affects your weight loss. Studies have shown that people who sleep for eight hours or more are more likely to lose weight than those who function on lesser hours of sleep. When you’re sleep deprived, your body seems to crave food. Moreover, sleeping for eight hours will ensure that you do not indulge in midnight snacks, thereby helping you stick to your diet.

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5. You Eat Out a Lot

Eating out with friends can be a lot of fun, but every time you eat out chances are that you put your diet on hold and binge eat. Many people are afraid to accept that they’re on a diet for fear of being thought of as vain and shallow. So instead of insisting on eating only foods that are acceptable by your diet chart, you end up eating fried food and carbonated drinks, not to mention the calorie laden dessert at the end of the meal.

You can eat out in moderation, like once or twice a month, and try not to over indulge when you do so.

6. Eating Post-Workout

Just because you spent one hour in the gym doesn’t mean that you can let go and eat whatever you want. While a post-work snack helps your body re-fuel, you need to eat healthy food and only eat one serving of it. You cannot load up on food and then wonder why you haven’t lost weight despite working out.


7. You are On a Crash Diet

Crash diets can do more harm than good. They mess up your body and your intestines as they completely cut out entire food groups in the mad dash to lose more weight. Also, crash diets put you on a very tight leash, making you crave all the unhealthy food and if you crash, you will end up binge eating on fast food and sugary treats because your diet had been too restrictive. So avoid crash diets and try to follow a healthy diet that makes room for occasional indulgences.

8. Your Body Has Reached a Healthy Homeostasis

Every person who’s working out and dieting will have an end goal in mind, how much they should weigh to feel that they’ve accomplished their goal. But sometimes your body has an ideal weight, a genetic set point upon reaching which it stops to lose weight. So if you’re doing everything by the book and still can’t seem to lose more weight, consider the possibility that your body is happy with where it is. You can still try to push yourself in hopes that you’ll lose more weight or you can be happy with your achievement and maintain your weight.

Hope this post on 8 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight was helpful. Stay tunes for more!

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