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7 Health Benefits of Tea

by Fashionlady
7 Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is now officially good for health. While the tea lovers should rejoice, others should now be convinced of the fact that tea can always be a great addition in regular diet. In this post, I’ve come up with 7 health benefits of tea that are enough to motivate you to put on this habit!

However, make sure you’re taking the ‘actual tea’. Real tea is extracted from Camellia Sinensis and comes with only four varieties: green, black, white, and oolong.
Tea for Weight Loss

For those who are thinking of shedding a few pounds and improving health, they should immediately start taking this super drink. Consumed for over thousands of year, tea has its own medicinal benefits. Even scientists have found out that one teabag can do wonders to your health. Such is the strength of green tea benefits.


Read on to find out health benefits of tea!

1. Tea enables us to maintain healthy weight

As per a 2011 study by Journal Obesity, it was found out that in an experiment, the mice which were fed diet with high fat along with compounds present in green tea, gained weight slowly than mice which were not given compounds of green tea. This finding suggests that green tea checks the fat formation in the body. However, avoid taking green tea drinks as they come with added sugar, so it won’t make any use for your body, instead go for old fashioned tea bags or loose tea. Try drinking it without sugar.

2. Green tea improves sight

For those having problems with sight and use power glasses, green tea is a must for them. Eyes can sometimes suffer from oxidative stress. By adding in green to daily diet, you can help combat this ailment. Scientifically, it has been proved that green tea positively affects the tissues of the eyes, especially the retina.

3. White tea makes you look younger

Here is good news for the beauty conscious ladies. They can now find the fountain of youth right in their cup of tea. Add white tea to your daily diet regimen to retain the beauty of your skin. The tea consists of very high polyphenol count that delivers fabulously gorgeous benefits to skin. The white tea checks wrinkle production, by strengthening elastin and collagen.

4. Black tea reduces stress

We’ll all admit to this factor, especially the teetotaler that tea surely reduces stress level. Whenever we’re exhausted, tired or stressed out, a cup of ginger tea always gives us great relief as it reduces the stress hormones. Stress increases the blood pressure, thereby developing the risk of heart attack. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association had proved that by consuming black tea for six months, systolic blood pressure gets lowered.

5. Tea helps fight diabetes

Did you know the caffeine present in the tea reduces the risk of diabetes. So for those having history of diabetes in their families, should consume tea to lower down the risk.

6. Tea boosts cardiovascular health

Green tea improves endothelial function. However avoid adding milk to your tea, as the casein in milk may actually decrease the cardio protective benefits you get from tea.

7 Health Benefits of Tea

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7. Tea helps in strengthening bones

Not only does milk benefits to build strong bones but tea also helps in building strong bones. A research found out that people who drank tea for more than a decade had the strongest bones than the non-drinkers. The phyto-chemicals present in tea helps in strengthening the bones within our body.

So these are top 7 health benefits of tea! Hope it helps!

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