Best Fruits For Weight Loss

Best Fruits For Weight Loss Fruits make an all-time delicious health food. But don’t be under the false impression that they are ‘size zero’ when it comes to calorie consumption. There are some fruits that have loads of natural sugars which get converted into fat when taken in excess amount. But there is no reason to lose heart. There are also some fruits that work overtime in burning fat. The more you add these fruits to your intake, the more you move towards fat loss. Here we shed light on some of the best fruits that will help you drop pounds.


There are several health benefits of eating apples for weight loss. An ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is a saying we have been hearing from our school days. And it is a point that stands valid when it comes to weight loss too. Apple being a super fruit is superb in fiber, vitamins and minerals and low in calories. All these combined benefits help you in shedding weight. So the next time you heart craves for oily parathas, do give a thought to eating the humble apple as well. Good things come naturally, ain’t they?

Apples For Weight Loss



This fruit is commonly referred to as poor man’s meat. After all, it is flooded with vitamin B6, potassium and minerals which are more beneficial than a bowl of red meat. But did you know that a banana has inherent natural properties that curbs down your sweet cravings. Go eat them plain for breakfast, lunch or dinner or add it to oatmeal for a healthy, fulfilling and fat free meal.

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Bananas Fruits For Weight Loss


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Blueberries make a special fruit. That is because it contains the highest antioxidant levels that help you trim down more fat. So if you are fighting obesity, make sure to incorporate blueberries in your diet. After all, they have the power to give astonishing results by helping you fight out fat cells.

Blueberries For Weight Loss



This sweet snack is by all means filling. Take it in the form of coconut water, coconut oil, milk, or even as dry fruit. It has chains of triglycerides that boost up the liver’s metabolic rate up to 30 percent, therefore helping you lose weight.

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Coconuts For Weight Loss



Grapefruit is a born fat fighter. Research reveals that eating half a grapefruit before a meal can increase weight loss. Since it is low in calories and more of fiber, you can happily munch half a grapefruit in your breakfast to rev up your metabolic rate and achieve inch loss.

Grapefruit For Weight Loss



There are several benefits for skin. Kiwis make a wonderful fruit and snacking option too since they have a sweet and sour taste all wrapped into one. But kiwi is a fruit which is superb in weight loss as it has fiber, fiber and fiber! The black seeds in it have a good dose of insoluble fiber which spurs digestion. Since it promotes the feeling of fullness, it is great to losing weight.

Kiwi Fruits For Weight Loss



A piece of orange (when consumed raw) is high in vitamin C but low in calories. Therefore, try eating more of oranges instead of drinking it in the form of orange juice, as the solid fruit has more fiber and less calories than a glass of it.

Oranges For Weight Loss



Papaya is naturally sweet in the form of a fruit. It holds tremendous value when it comes to trimming waistline owing to its natural enzyme. That is why, its antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin C and flavonoids make it a versatile fruit.

Papaya For Weight Loss



Peach is a low calorie fruit. Not only does it have high amount of fiber, potassium and vitamins, it is also packed with antioxidants. Eat a peach and get back to your tip-top shape.

Peaches For Weight Loss



The antioxidants in the super fruit pomegranate have been known to boost the body’s metabolism. In addition, they lower your appetite thereby increasing the chances of weight loss. Reduction of bad cholesterol and removal of harmful toxins make this fruit pay off.

Pomegranates For Weight Loss



Strawberries are of great benefit when it comes to fighting weight gain. They interestingly promote the production of fat-burning hormones such as adiponectin and leptin. This leads to higher metabolism rate when eaten. Strawberries also have anti-inflammatory enzymes, which are of tremendous use in healing internal injuries. Have some strawberries a day to boost your metabolism and better your health.

Strawberries for Weight Loss


How do you plan to eat these super fruits is your choice but remember you now have an excellent product from nature to trim down fat. Happy Fruiting to glory!

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