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Top 7 Reasons Why People Give Up On A Diet Plan!

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Why People Give Up On a Diet Plan
The health industry is one of the highest grossing industries right now. It is practically thriving thanks to the hundreds and thousands of people who are on a quest to lose weight and be the best versions of themselves. However, it’s easier said than done – losing weight is one of the most difficult activities and sometimes there are reasons why people give up on a diet plan. So why people give up? What prompts them to go back to the unhealthy diet and couch potato ways? This article will delve into the very simple reason of why diet fails?

We all know that losing those extra kilos is no less than a Herculean task. And there may be hundreds of reasons why you put on weight in the first place – it may be because of your first big breakup (and you binged on ice cream every single day) or it may be because of your baby weight (you had to eat for two, right?) or it might be simply because you love food!

Why Should You Lose Weight?

Most people think that losing weight should be due to cosmetic reasons – to look and feel good. But there are other heavier implications of losing weight. Not only will you look good and feel better, but you will also be saving yourself from a ton of diseases and discomforts. There won’t be hypertension, cholesterol, obesity or heart diseases to worry about. In fact, statistics suggest that overweight people are most prone to heart attacks and other lifestyle diseases.

Why Should You Lose Weight

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Also, there was a study that was based on data from the Annenberg National Health Communication Survey and it found that conflicting or contradictory diet and health information that’s rampantly available on the internet made recipients more likely to ignore or dismiss even widely accepted recommendations.

Basically, you should be losing weight because you want to be a fitter and healthier version of yourself. A healthy body has all the systems functioning well, your liver is in good condition, your heart is strong – everything is in tip-top condition. Not only will this prolong your life, you will literally breathe easy because you don’t have to lug so much weight around!

Now that you know why you should be losing weight, here are reasons why people give up on a diet plan:

1. Setting Unrealistic Expectations:

The number one reason why most people give up on their diet is due to unrealistic goal-setting. It’s too harsh for you and it cannot be sustained simply because it is like a sudden shock to your body and your whole system revolts. Most people will diet for a week and eat food in measly amounts and expect to fit into a dress they wore ten years back. You are of course not taking a magic pill, so you will have to let your diet settle and do the magic. You have to be patient and like most nutritionists say – it takes four weeks for your body to notice and eight weeks for others to notice. So patience is the key to losing weight and getting fit.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

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How to break the wall: The first thing to understand is, you have to be very consistent and diligent. Your body will take some time to get adjusted to the new lifestyle and slowly but deliberately it will start changing for the better. Give yourself smaller goals and go about it slowly – start by stopping second helpings in any meal, then reduce the carbs in your diet and focus on more wholesome and healthy foods. Don’t step on the scale right away – it will take some time and you may notice small changes, but the bigger and more significant changes will take minimum two weeks. Remember, patience is the key!

2. A Rebelling Body:

Sometimes going on a diet or getting to exercise daily makes your body complain of hunger pangs and aches. You are suddenly jolting it to a reality that it has never faced before. Once in a while you may face a rebellion of sorts, your body will scream and you will be irritated, moody and angry all the time. Your brain will stop functioning and you will start getting withdrawal symptoms. Some people become very foggy while making decisions. Most people think that starting a diet will make them feel happy and light, but when these happen, you surely want to give up on the diet!

How to break the wall: The first thing to remember in such a situation is that your body knows the best and trust it. You have to reflect on things that make you cranky and angry. For most people, a reduction in the carbs can lead to an anxious or irritated mood. Agreed, you have to cut down on your carbs when you are on a diet, but this could be done by increasing food portions in different ways – have a healthier snack, get some water into your system and this way you will feel full and bid adieu to your hunger pangs.

A Rebelling Body

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3. Changing too many things at the same time:

If you are used to a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy snacking, suddenly turning over a new leaf could be a tad bit difficult. Mostly, you are used to a certain kind of life and all of a sudden, there’s an overhaul. Not only is it overwhelming for your entire system, but you will also start hating it and of course, give up on your diet plan.

Eating Healthy

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How to fix the wall: The first thing is to acclimatize your body and take everything one step at a time. Start off by reducing the unhealthy food that you are having – one at a time. At the same time, incorporate some cardio –start off with walking for 15-20 minutes every day and then increase it. The key is to introduce your body to everything slowly and not abruptly. As your body starts getting used to it, you can begin to make incremental changes. Slowly increase the amount of cardio you are doing or include more healthy foods in your diet. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Take that first step to change!

4. You are HUNGRY all the time!

If you are hungry all the time, it does not indicate that you are shrinking in size. In fact, feeling hungry all the time is a sign of the fact that your body is not getting a balanced diet. This is the worst thing to happen because your body will assume that it’s a crisis situation and thus start reserving the calories and as a result, resist weight loss.

Weight loss

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How to break the wall: Rewarding yourself with unhealthy food is one of the worst things you could do. But there are other ways of rewarding yourself and these could work well. For instance, if you like wearing nice gym attire, gift yourself another pair of leggings – you will love yourself for that! If you covet your running shoes, you could gift yourself another one! The possibilities are endless, if you like the sense of rewarding yourself, do it with something that you will love and not hate yourself later for!


6. Skipping Meals:

Another big issue with people who want to desperately lose weight is the belief that skipping their meals will help them reach their weight goals. On the contrary, it is totally the opposite. Your body will go into starvation mode and try and reserve all the fat it has – hence making it even more difficult to lose weight!

Skipping Meals

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How to break the wall: The key is to focus on small healthy meals and have them at regular intervals. Also, include foods that keep you full for longer as this will ensure that you DO NOT get unhealthy cravings all the time. Have something every two hours to prevent hunger pangs from striking at your most vulnerable state. Keep a fruit or a pack of roasted

7. Ignoring your cravings:

Another blunder that people make is trying to avoid their cravings. Many people love food that is unhealthy and it may include that piece of decadent chocolate cake or that tub of ice cream. If you try and avoid these, you will not only face resentment and anger, but there is a chance the next time you see your favorite food, you may end up eating more than required.

Ignoring your cravings

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How to break the wall: Indulge yourself in small splurges. Do not punish yourself because that is only going to make losing weight tougher than it is. If you love chocolate, you could go for dark chocolate and include healthy fats like almond butter or avocado to curb these cravings. If you love cookies, buy one favorite cookie and not the entire box.

A diet may fail due to a number of reasons and some of these can dent your confidence as you may begin to doubt your willpower too. This article gives you an overview of the major mistakes that most people end up committing and how you could avoid them. Understand that the diet is to make you healthy in the long run and a few sacrifices here will help you!

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