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12 Couple Workouts That You Need To Begin Right Now!

by Fashionlady
Couple workouts for health

When you love to work out, you’ll always be welcome to the idea of having someone doing it with you. It’s even better when it’s your boyfriend who wants to work out by your side. Having a partner to work out with you makes it more energetic and fun. While one of you can take breaks, the other can perform a set. This way, you both can keep each other motivated when one wants to give up or may feel tired.

Couple workouts

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You may not realize it but working out with your man comes with its benefits. You can check them out below:

Benefits of Couples Workout Routine:

Couples Workout Routine

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1. Form a Closer Bond

To strengthen the relationship, couples should take out alone time to keep their interactive communication active. But sadly, not many couples spend quality time together because they’re too busy or engrossed with oneself. But working out together can allow couples to focus on each other, because it is a wholesome method to relate with each other. With several kinds of couple exercises, they can learn and grow together.

2. Improves Workout Sessions

Exercising with your partner can allow you to have a better chance of making fitness work. This is a success formula because you are less likely to cancel your gym date when your partner waits for you. You will also want to give your best shot when he is watching. When you do the same routine alone, you’ll tend to take a lot of breaks, move slower, quit early, and skip exercising altogether.

3. Share Similar Goals

Spending time in the gym to maintain a fit body is not a bad thing at all. But at times it can hamper your relationship with your guy. He may resent not spending enough time and you may feel he’s not doing his best in keeping up with his health. Hence, you may enlist him in a fitness program. Sharing similar goals can allow in bringing you closer to your boyfriend physically and emotionally.

How do couples work out if they have different fitness styles?

Couples need not be of the same fitness levels or share similar goals to become a workout partner for your significant other. Here are few tips that they can adopt, even if they have different fitness styles:

  • Simply start going to the gym together even if one of you takes a class and the other has to hit a treadmill. This can still offer the benefits of keeping each motivated, spending time together, and pushing each other to stay fit.
  • It does not matter if your boyfriend prefers hitting the weight and you love your spinning classes. You both need to support and encourage each other along the way. So even if go your separate ways in the gym, it will be just fine.
  • Couples do not need to do partner exercises. They can instead workout next to each other.
  • But not all workouts have to involve a trip to the gym. You can also make fitness part of your lifestyle like walking after dinner. These are active practices that you can enjoy together as a couple.
  • Try an activity you both love, like hiking or tennis. You can incorporate these practices with your regular exercises.
  • Even one couple workout session in a week can bring you closer.
  • If you both workout daily, then it’s a good reminder to remain connected with each other.

Exercises for Couples to Try Out Together:

By encouraging each other to get up, you’ll not only shake up your boring weeknight couch reality TV routine but also learn new moves together. The following couple workouts allow two people to carry out the same, using each other as support. Talk about a connection builder!

1. Hoot Squats

Hoot squats can target glutes and they require constant willpower from each partner. This means if one of you stops the motion, the exercise cannot be completed. This is a great method to motivate and support each other.

  • Stand back to back with your boyfriend and get into proper squat position, keeping knees over ankles.
  • Squat down together and slowly walk clockwise while squatting in a circle.
  • Once the circle is completed, count up to 20 and walk in a circle counterclockwise.
  • Repeat three sets.
Hoot Squats

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2. Alternating box jump

This is a low-impact plyometrics routine, which strengthens your legs while challenging your stamina. Though this routine can be performed alone, pairing up with a partner for the rapid hip flexion motion can allow you both to maintain a proper form. For performing this routine, you need to start on a stable surface. Just be sure to pick a height you both will be comfortable in.

  • Stand face to face and place a 6-10 inch box in the center.
  • Take turns to jump on and off the box in a squat position while making sure to jump off lightly. After landing back on the ground, allow your partner to complete the same step.
  • Lightly join hands with outstretched arms for balance.
  • Each partner can jump 15-20 times for 2-3 sets.
  • Make the routine harder by adding 3-5 pound dumbbells to each hand whilst jumping.

Source: myfitnesspal.com

3. Biceps and Triceps Challenge

The couple resistance training is more effective than doing a series of traditional workout sessions on your own. Rather than lifting weights to provide resistance, you may take turns with your partner using a towel.

  • Stand facing your partner, just about a foot apart.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent, place towel in the middle with palms facing straight, while your partner holds the towel ends.
  • Complete a biceps curls as your partner create resistance while keeping your core tight and shoulders relaxed.
  • Your partner can complete a triceps extension while you create resistance.
  • Repeat 15-20 reps for 2-3 sets.
Workouts for fitness

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4. Partner Push-up

This routine targets shoulders, chest, biceps, and triceps. Similar with traditional pushup, your own body weight can work as a resistance, but in this routine your partner can create more resistance by placing weight on your upper back. Make use of a modified knee pushup instead.

  • Begin by lying on your stomach on the floor, elbows bent at 90 degrees and palms on the floor in a lowered push-up position.
  • Allow your partner to stand over you and place hands on your upper hand.
  • As you rise up into your pushup, your boyfriend can create slight opposition whilst making sure to keep his core tight.
  • Complete reps until you feel tired.
  • Then switch.
Partner Push-Up

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5. Decline sit-up

The routine gives you extra range of motion, which you cannot attain by doing on the floor. Squeeze your thighs to keep the upward motion steady. Then add a twist at the halfway point to target your oblique.

7. Seated Medicine Ball Twist

Fitness couples can try this routine, which targets arms and abs. This exercise can target your obliques to allow building a stronger core and back. You can start off using a lighter medicine ball to avoid lower back pain and build your way up.

  • Face each other while sitting tall on a mat, with your feet touching the floor and a slight bend in the knee.
  • Keep heels firmly planted on the ground.
  • Lean back slightly and balance on your tailbone, without twisting your shoulders or back. Hold this position while keeping core engaged.
  • Pick a medicine ball and move it right to left, while keeping your body still. Your partner should mirror your movements with his hands.
  • After doing a set of 10 twists, toss the ball to your partner, who then rotates the ball right to left for 10 twists before passing it back.
  • Repeat these steps for 3 sets of 10.
Seated Medicine Ball Twist

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8. Weighted Push-up

Your partner can lend a lot of body weight by simply adjusting their body weight on you. To prevent arching your back, tighten your abs and keep your core strong.

  • Get into a plank push up position and allow your partner to stand over you using his leg just outside your ankles.
  • Then allow your partner to lean over you in a plank position or a bent-over position, while placing her hands on your inner shoulders.
  • From this position, lower yourself and then back up performing a push-up.
  • Repeat 10 times.
fitness couples

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9. Swimming Stretch

Swimming stretch targets abs, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. You can try this simple stretching routine to increase stamina and flexibility.

  • Lie on your stomach, facing your partner head-to-head with outstretched arms.
  • Your arms should be able to overlap slightly.
  • Place hands on top of your partner’s and lift your head, arms, chest, and legs.
  • Anchor your chest into the floor and slowly paddle arms and legs in a swimming motion, while using your partner’s rhythm and pressure to resist yours.
  • Keep shoulders off from your ears.
  • Continue to paddle for five long breaths while reaching and lengthening with each paddle.
  • Gently lower and switch hand placement to complete one full set.
  • Repeat 3 sets.
Swimming Stretch

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10. Crisscross Crunches

The routine targets abs. This is a simple move in between more difficult routines. This crunch routine can make sure you do not fall behind. Set a number and see if you can match your partner’s pace to complete it.

  • Sit on the ground in crunch position while keeping your back flat on the floor, knees bent, and abs engaged.
  • Hands should be kept behind your head or kept crossed in front of your chest.
  • Hook legs with partner while keeping your legs locked in between theirs.
  • Then crunch up, keeping abs engaged.
  • The hands should not pull on your head and neck if they are behind you.
  • Complete 10 reps for 3 sets, or until tired.
Crisscross Crunches

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11. Superman Wrestle

Other partner workouts include the superman wrestle. The routine targets lower back, butt, and hamstrings. You can treat all problematic areas with this exercise like belly fat, strengthening lower back, and sculpting your legs.

Here are the steps of superman wrestle that you can do with your partner:

  • Lie keeping your face down on the ground.
  • Face your partner so that your arms are extended using palms completely touching.
  • While allowing your palms to touch, lift chest and feet off ground a few inches.
  • Squeeze glutes and keep your head up.
  • Hold this routine for 30 seconds and gently lower.
  • Repeat 3 sets.
Superman Wrestle Workout

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12. Wall-Sits

After your workout session is finished, sit against the wall as if you’re sitting in a chair. You can place your thighs parallel to the ground, with your chests facing opposite directions. Challenge each other to remain in this position as long as you both can. Try to distract each other by holding hands and kissing, or whatever.

  • After you are done, you can collapse on the ground together and walk out feeling well-exercised.
Wall-Sit Workouts

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Whether you’ve been with your partner forever or beginning to know each other, working out is an awesome way to get in touch and stay closer. After all, you would love to have a partner who’s healthy and enjoys spending time, isn’t it?

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