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How To Be A Miss Congeniality?

by Fashionlady
Miss congeniality award

Movie buffs cannot forget Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. There is something about Sandra’s intelligence, beauty, and ability to kick butt. Isn’t this role worth emulating – starting from you? Not kidding, honey. Game? Then the first thing is to know how to be Miss Congeniality? Check the 11 simple tricks.

How to be Miss Congeniality

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Hey, do you know miss congeniality meaning? It means a friendly and social person. Somebody who gets along well with everyone, which is why she is the center of attraction. She is also attractive looking which makes her the most lovable.

That’s not enough. She is also the person named most fun in a Miss Congeniality pageant.

This explains what is a Miss Congeniality award – the most coveted title at a beauty pageant given by the harshest of judges.

Tips To Be Miss Congeniality:

Anyhow, let us know how to be Miss Congeniality. Pull out all the stops, baby.

1. Accept Yourself:

It is better to be yourself. If you build barriers around you, how will you invite new and positive energies? The hidden message – lower your guard. In order to do that, you need to accept yourself for who you are and that includes your good, bad, and ugly sides. All humans have shades of black and white – so you need not be upset about your dark side (hey, that doesn’t mean the criminal side, silly, just the negative side of humans). So willingly accept the dark side/imperfections in your beauty (say, for instance, wider jawline, broader forehead, plump nose etc. etc. you know it best)

Because if you don’t accept it yourself, then don’t expect others to. You can’t pretend to like yourself (even to your family members) all the time. A moment will come when people will start to identify and discover the real you. Why not show the world who you are before rather than mess it up later? Believe and practice self-acceptance.

2. Avoid Being Shady:

You know the hindsight of covering your face? It creates a barrier between you and the world and makes you seem indifferent. Better, save your sunglasses for the day when you really need them the most (example, the scorching heat). Whenever you are meeting new people, take off your sunglasses. Eye contact is one of the simplest ways to show you are paying attention to the person who you are talking to. It shows honesty on your part. When you avoid eye contact, it can look rude and deceptive.

3. Power Pose:

There is a thing or two about your body posture that makes you attractive. Example – lean back in your chair; get your feet up on your desk, and your inter-laced fingers behind your head and your elbows wide. Stick to this position for 2 minutes. The testosterone levels will rise and cortisol levels will fall.

This is called ‘Power posing’ according to researchers and is recommended while preparing for high-pressure social situations. Hey, do not do this openly but in private only. The power pose conveys dominance.

4. Mind your Body Language:

Supposing your hands are open. They communicate the fact that you are “accepting.” Whenever you are speaking to someone, do maintain eye contact. And when you are speaking to people face-to-face, avoid getting too close. It might be perceived as a threat. Try to keep a healthy distance between you and your acquaintance.


5. Say Cheese:

A genuine smile is the simplest way to win friends. It is a very important aspect of how to be Miss Congeniality. Generally, people like to be around those who are fun loving and amiable. That bridges the gap! However, avoid forcing a smile. A fake smile comes quickly and vanishes into the thin air fast.

6. Follow The Leader:

Evolutionary, it tells the other person that you are not looking for a fight. It also drops a cue that the person you are talking to is not a threat and that one can proceed comfortably. It is softer, has a sympathetic flair and tells the other person (the leader) that the focus is on him/her. Keep following!
When you reflect the person’s mannerisms, postures, and movements, it is a win-win situation. You are liked as much as he/she is.

7. Groom Yourself:

Yeah, you know the fact that you should always brush your teeth and dress neatly. But never overlook your nails. They are an important part of grooming. It reflects the importance you give to your personal hygiene. So when you put on a nice perfume, it’s good. But do not spray too much. Just two sprays should be good to go.

8. Be A Good Listener:

You need not respond to your buddy’s every statement with your part of the story. Be empathetic, as it will get you more likes than those who respond with their own stories. Resist the urge to jump in with your observations and comments. Listen first and then ask a thoughtful question. Whenever you open your mouth, keep your decibel levels low. In other words, speak softly. No need to be a transistor, you see. When you utter a word, speak positively about yourself and the people around you.

How are you finding these tips for being Miss Congeniality? Interesting or thought-provoking? Some more for you….

Dress Up Well To Be A Miss Congeniality

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11. Care About Your Personal Style, But Don’t Overdo It:

In Miss Congeniality, Gracie made sure she styled her appearance and valued it. It is in the sequel that she learned that caring too much about one’s style statement could backfire. In short, embrace your natural beauty. Use just a hint of makeup to accentuate your looks, don’t overdo it.

Care About Your Personal Style

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So all you budding Miss Congenialities out there reading this post, hope you are clear in your mind how minor things like smile and eye contact can make a world of difference and make your overall personality attractive. Do tell us how you found this post and share your inputs with us. We would love to hear back from you!

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