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10 Household Chores That Burn Calories And Help In Weight Loss

by Fashionlady
Household Chores to Lose Weight

Not everyone fancies household chores. But what if we told you that cleaning your house on a daily basis relieves stress and serves as a great workout, so much so that you don’t need to hit the gym to stay fit. If researches are to go by, people who did regular household chores such as vacuuming, scrubbing the floor or gardening, enjoyed the same benefits as those who ran on the thread-mill or brisk walked daily.

Household Chores to Lose Weight

Household Chores to Lose Weight10 Household Chores to Lose Weight:

From washing the dishes to dusting and even something as simple as making your bed, once you realize the health benefits hidden in these chores, your to-do list will never look or feel the same again. Read on to know the health benefits of doing household chores.

1. Washing The Dishes:

Washing the dishes not only reduces anxiety but also enhances your overall well being. However, this chore needs to be done mindfully, i.e. focus on the smell of the soap, the temperature of the water, the touch and feel of utensils. Besides, if you are looking to burn calories, studies say that 15 minutes of washing of dishes every day is capable of burning 560 calories over a week, which is equal to swimming 2,500 metres.

TIP: While standing at the sink, washing the dishes, you could always do a few calves raises to get toned glutes and lower legs.

Washing Dishes

Source: upi.com

2. Vacuuming:

30 minutes of vacuuming equates to 15 minutes of kickboxing, in turn, burning around 90 calories in half an hour. Make sure to vacuum clean your entire house at one go instead of doing it room by room. The motion (pulling and pushing) involved in using a vacuum cleaner serves as a great workout for your arms, core and legs. Besides, a recent study found that vacuuming the house keeps your heart healthy and also extends your life span.

TIP: There’s honestly nothing like stepping into a front lunge as you push the vacuum cleaner forward to clean the carpet, considering you may have to go about vacuuming the same spot a couple of times for effective cleaning.


Source: soonercarpetcleaning.com

3. De-cluttering The Kitchen:

If you are wondering how to lose weight while cleaning the house, the answer is to get rid of a cluttered kitchen. Yes, you read that right. According to a recent study, cluttered homes, especially the kitchen has a direct effect on your weight gain. Making healthy eating choices tend to become difficult. You may opt to eat out or order in food because the kitchen is in an absolute mess. An organized kitchen will help you avoid unnecessary dieting and eat healthy, as getting rid of the clutter makes you trash any foods that are unhealthy.

TIP: De-cluttering the kitchen can be fun too if you put on some music and dance around as you clean up. Dancing will elevate your heart rate thereby making it a perfect workout for your body.

De-cluttering Kitchen

Source: cleanmyspace.com

4. Laundry:

Doing the laundry will never feel the same once you know of its health benefits. You can burn upto 78 calories in one hour by just loading and unloading the washing machine, including hanging up the clothes for drying, which equals to a 100 sit-ups. Those who prefer washing clothes by hand, you’ll be surprised to know that you can burn anywhere between 100 to 220 calories in 30 minutes. Besides, your arms will get toned from all that scrubbing, rinsing and twirling.

TIP: Squat while washing clothes, your quads and calves will get a good workout too.


Source: thespruce.com

5. Cleaning The Bathroom:

You’ll be surprised to know the kind of workout your body would get by merely cleaning the bathroom. 15 minutes of through scrubbing of the bathtub equal to 30 jumping squats, thereby burning almost 100 calories, plus toned arms and shoulder muscles. For a whole body workout, take the scrubbing a little further towards the sink, shower and even the bathroom floor.


Making Bed

Source: sleepcity.com

7. Gardening & Mowing:

Indulging in activities in nature has proven to have positive effects on those suffering from depression. Besides, 30 minutes of working in the garden is equivalent to 45 minutes of cycling on flat terrain, thereby burning 213 calories. Plus you will get to enjoy eating organic vegetables and fruits, as a result benefiting your health as well.

Mowing has its health benefits too. Freshly cut grass is said to release a chemical that makes one feel more joyful and relaxed. Also, grass cutting with a regular push mower burns 325 calories an hour.

TIP: For shoulders and abdominal workout, digging the garden will give you good results. Just half an hour of digging can burn 243 calories and half an hour of mowing the lawn can burn 209 calories!


Source: topsimages.com

8. Sweeping And Mopping:

If you are looking to tone your upper and lower body without hitting the gym, then make the broom and mop your best friends. Sweeping and mopping the floor for 30 minutes is equal to 15 minutes on the treadmill and can burn 145 calories. And as you indulge in sweeping and mopping you can take it a little further by holding either of the two in both hands and moving your arms from side to side, only twisting your upper body to achieve toned oblique.

TIP: For a more effective workout, ditch the mop stick and squat as you clean the floor with a mop cloth.


Source: leifheit.co.uk

9. Ironing Clothes:

Just 3 hours a week spent ironing out creases off your clothes is enough to burn 420 calories, which is equal to a Zumba class. It also leads to toned biceps. Make sure you adjust the ironing board to the height of your waist to avoid hunching. Also, note that standing rather than sitting while ironing your clothes will help you burn calories as well as woke those core muscles.

TIP: When you’re ironing, keep the laundry basket on the floor so that you will constantly have to bend and stretch to reach the clothes.

Ironing Clothes

Source: oilrigjobs.club

10. Cooking:

Getting a little creative in the kitchen will only do more good than harm. It is said that you can burn 75 calories in 30 minutes of cooking a satisfying meal. Ditch all the swanky kitchen appliances and get your hands working. Chopping veggies, whisking and stirring is a good enough workout for the arms, and of course standing while cooking works up the core muscles.

TIP: If you really want to work up a sweat, make your own bread. kneading the dough is a workout in itself.


Source: besthealthmag.ca

While hitting the gym and jogging in the park are definitely great ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, doing household chores can help you stay fit and in shape too.

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