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Yes, Let’s Go Nuts For Weight Loss This Time!

by Fashionlady
Healthy nuts for weight loss

Nuts For Weight Loss

“Research has found that people can snack on modest amounts of them without gaining pounds, and that nuts can even help in slimming down.”

Don’t underestimate the power of nuts, never ever do that! Nutritious as a snack, especially when eaten raw and whole, nuts can bring down cholesterol levels, keep the heart happy and also help in weight loss too. However, we only think of nuts over pints of beer as a side snack to munch on, which is wrong! Nuts are rich powerhouses of antioxidants too, which can help stop the tell tale signs of ageing, can help fight cancers and tumors too. So what is your excuse on not gobbling up a handful of nuts today? To say it simple, nuts for weight loss if you are, have a bowl of nuts from now and bring in the unsaturated fats, the vitamins, the potassium and all other health benefits needed for weight loss too.


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5 Nuts For Weight Loss

1. The humble cashew nut is always served as a topping or with foods, but did you know it is very rich in zinc and iron?

Iron is the reason why oxygen is transported equally all over the body and it prevents anemia. Zinc on the other hand is known to help with eyesight and vision. Magnesium found in the nut helps with memory too, and weight loss as well!

best healthy Nuts For Weight Loss

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2. Walnuts help the body with antioxidants that fight the onslaught of free radicals leading to cancer and tumor cells. Cellular damage is stopped, premature ageing too. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts also help bring down inflammation symptoms. So if you aren’t fancying steamed fish for lunch today, you could have a handful of walnuts too. And, if you want unsaturated fats in the body and yet stay slim, try walnuts!

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Eating Nuts For Weight Loss

Source: servingjoy.com

3. Pecans are best for pie making and they are known to keep the heart healthy as well. Rich in antioxidants, pecans do not allow the settlement of plaque in your arteries. Cholesterol levels and weight is lowered with the consumption of pecans, and better brain health is possible with pecans too.

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diet nuts weight loss

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4. Almonds are very good for the gut and as nuts for weight loss too since it has plenty of vitamin E and fiber in it. Almonds as nuts also help bring down the levels of bad cholesterol in the body! The nut doesn’t allow the fat cells to regenerate as well. There you go, you wanted a tasty way to slim down, didn’t you? Have a bowl of almonds today.


Diet Nuts for Weight loss

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5. Brazil Nuts are best healthy nuts for weight loss, and with an abundance of antioxidants in them, the nuts are potent cancer protectors too. From breast to bone cancer, prostrate too, and in keeping your weight in check as well, Brazil nuts are known to be good for the body, in moderation!

best nuts for weight loss

Source: vitaminsestore.com

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nuts to lose weight

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The next time someone calls you a nut, show them this post and be proud of the tag. Staying slim and sexy didn’t come easier. Should you need more advise and help on how much is the consumption limit for the diet nuts weight loss speaks off, we would ask you to consult your dietician or doctor!

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