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Incredible Diet Plan With Papaya For Weight Loss

by Fashionlady
Papaya for Weight Loss

Papaya Diet

It has been said always that papaya as a fruit contributes greatly towards your good health.  With its sweet aroma, lovely taste and striking color, it anyways stirs up the appetite. Of course you know that deep down that buttery pulp is a houseful of a component called papain, which is required by the body for its therapeutic properties.  But there is more to it – you can easily get rid of extra flab by the regular consumption of papaya.   Papaya, a tropical fruit, easily available around the words, very cheap and full of nutrients is known to everyone.  It is a delightful and diuretic, it holds a great quantity of plant fiber, and really less calories.  It is also a source of generous qualities of vitamins A, C, and B, phosphorous, iron and calcium.  And if these doesn’t impress you enough, this fruit also aids tremendously in weight loss and reducing cellulite.  So read on as we break down how to consume papaya for weight loss.

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How Papaya Diet Benefits Weight Loss

At times it gets hard to decide on a diet that one should follow to reduce flab.  It’s significant to decide on a diet that not only cuts out the flab, but keeps you healthy too.  If you have any confusions, you may consult a nutritionist or doctor all the time.  To point out, the papaya diet is preventive.  To explain further for two days you will be on a very strict diet, till the end of the third day.  This processes two things, detoxifying your body and burning the fat.

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We also like to mention that with its healing properties papaya is beneficial for people who suffer from digestive troubles like gas, diarrhea, gastritis, constipation, and skin problems like acne.  It is certainly a phenomenon fruit.

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Your Customized Papaya Diet

So as we said, you will be on this diet for two days a week.  And continue with it for 2 to 3 months.  This will straighten your digestive system, detoxify your body, and of course rid you off extra weight.

Breakfast – Pick up papayas from the store which are not overly ripe.  Start the diet from the first meal of the day.  Preferably, you must drink a glass of oatmeal water or soy during these two days, sprinkled with 2 teaspoons of grains like wheat germ so you have sufficient fiber intake.  Following this, eat a generous serving of papaya salad.  Select a medium sized fruit, peel it, and chop it down into cubes, squeeze a little lemon and that is how you start a healthy day.

Lunch – For lunch, go for a whole grain salad.  You may prepare it with vegetable broth, and then add some diced tomatoes, some spinach leaves, a few olives, cloves of garlic and half a lemon juice.  Finish the meal with papaya juice. On the second day of your diet, bake an eggplant and eat it with a small spinach salad. Dress it with olive oil and a few chops of beets.  Again, complete the meal with papaya juice.

Snack – For that evening time snack, cut half a papaya, some pineapple pieces, a lemon and some honey. Blend the washed and chopped fruits into a blender and juice them out. Squeeze the lemon, and add some honey. Gulp! gulp! gulp!

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Dinner – For dinner on the first day of diet, take one bowl of veg broth.  For taste you may add onion celery and lemon juice. Sorry, your desert is limited to a diced papaya. On the second day of diet make some artichokes.  Cook them properly and sprinkle a little vinegar and salt.  Eat it with a toast of whole grain bread. Again, let the desert be limited to cubed papayas.

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Eat Papaya Seeds For Weight Loss

Now this might come as a surprise, but the seeds of papaya are blessed unbelievable health properties. Papaya seeds restrict your body from soaking in fats. You may say that the consumption of papaya seeds will regulate the process of fat absorption or minimize it rather.  Consume these papaya seeds like pills. After breakfast, lunch and dinner, swallow 8 to 10 seeds with water or the juice. The effects of the papaya seed diet will be miraculous.

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