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Fresh & Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas For New-Age Brides

by Fashionlady
Natural Wedding Makeup

Natural Wedding Makeup

While most of us fancy a winter wedding, getting the right ensemble and the look for the same is a toughie. Do I wear loud makeup to strike a balance with the climes and the ensemble or should I leave it nude and natural? This is what most brides would ask their makeup artists. We would say, seek inspiration from the fashion weeks that have gone by. If you closely followed the fashion weeks, most designers that brought in heavy ensembles for the winter wedding or the winter-spring collection, kept the makeup on their models quite natural and flawless. Nude lips, light eye shadow, light mascara etc is what ruled the ramps. So here are a few natural wedding makeup ideas and tips that you could emulate; start practicing from now to make it stylish and chic.

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10 Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas For Brides

Assuming it would be still winters and the onset of spring in 2016 when you tie the knot, here are a couple of lovely natural wedding makeup ideas for brides to try.

1. Smokey Eyes And Nude Lips

Smokey eyes but not too dark and nude lips with a hint of gloss would do well with just about any colour and any ensemble number you plan to wear on D-Day. What enhances the look here would be the kohl application and mascara, much more than the smokey eye shadow you choose to wear.

Makeup Ideas For Brides

2. Grey-Brown Touch To The Eyelids

You could also play with two strokes of kohl for the lower lash line, smudging it to look a little tealish and at the same time use mascara with grey and brown light eye shadow for the natural look to come through.

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Wedding Makeup Ideas

3. Half eye liners from the mid section to the outer eyes, and embossed with heavy touches of mascara helps accentuate the wedding look. Use a little blush in tones closest to the skin colour on your cheekbones, keeping the lips peachy nude.

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Wedding Makeup Ideas 2016


4. Dark skinned lasses are drop dread gorgeous brides to be, when they know how to use the right bronzer that would help bring about an au naturale look and keep the cheekbones defined. The lips should have a touch of gloss with a little shine though.

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Spring 2016 Wedding Makeup Ideas

5. Focus more on the lower lash line with three strokes of dark kohl, smudged into the lashes. For the eyes, play with natural browns in matte and a hint of shine if need be. Blend the look of the eyes to that of the bronzer you would use for a natural touch to come by.

Spring 2016 Wedding Makeup

7. A stroke of kohl for the upper and the lower lash line is more than enough to help the cheekbones look very natural. The focus here would spread to the cheekbones, more than the eyes. To make the look stand out, focus on red or pink blush- using just two strokes from the upper portion of the cheek to the temple zone.

2016 Natural Makeup Ideas

8. Light silvers for the eyes and dark red lips would make an awesome natural statement too. don’t forget to contour the cheekbones with light red touches, to enhance the wedding makeup ideas shown.

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2016 Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas

9. Light powdery browns for the lids and neutral peach lips would be one of the raging natural wedding makeup ideas 2016 new-age brides would be flaunting, we are sure about. Light kohl touches for the eyes in light browns for the season of blooms, why not?

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Natural Wedding Makeup 2016

10. Contoured cheekbones and twiggy eyes could be the next big thing in spring 2016 for brides tying the knot. The look is very natural with low-key hints of makeup on the eyes and enhanced contouring in peaches done to the cheekbones.

Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas

There are many more spring 2016 wedding makeup ideas and tips to show you, but first, we would like to know if you enjoyed these ten au naturale wedding makeup looks, or if you have ideas of your own to flaunt? Do write in!

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