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The Art Of Open Contour Eye Makeup – A Mini Guide To The Right Eye Dolling Up

by Fashionlady
Open Contour Eye Makeup

Open Contour Eye Makeup

We’ve heard of jawline contouring, cheekbone or the zygomatic bone contouring and forehead contouring too, but have you ever indulged in open contour eye makeup? Don’t be surprised when your makeup artist or a close friend apt in makeup tells you that eyes need contouring too. This is because, eyes are of different shapes. Eyelids can be almond, close set, wide spaced, deep or droopy and they need to be set right and shaped well with contouring, so as to bring around a flawless look and appeal. Today we shall speak about that, so please pay good attention to the concept of open contour eye makeup!

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How To Contour Your Eyes – Understanding Eye Contouring Makeup

Our eyes help us form and emote dramatic expressions and enhancements, which is why we use brow shapers, mascara and false lashes. However, one fact remains that the eye shadows we use provide us the easiest way to alter and accentuate the shape of our eyes. Yes, another tool to help with open contour eye makeup would be in using eye shadow. You can enhance, reshape and structure the look of your eyes, just as you would your cheek and jaws. Contouring absorbs light and makes the eyes look well-shaped, while highlighting brings about the intensity and glow to the eye area. When you read about how to contour your eyes or understand the concept, you would realize that the color wheel (refer to our posts on color theory) can help you understand the use of colors to enhance the eyes.

How To Contour Your Eyes

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The Art Of Contouring Defined

To be honest, there aren’t any etched-in-stone rules with eye contouring, and just as a makeup artist would do, there is a lot of fun and imagination involved in getting the eye contouring done.

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Contour Your Eyes For Your Eye Shape

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1. With monolid eyes, we would look at creating the gradient effect with plenty of color play so that defined dimensions are created. What we would do here is to add dark colors to the lash line with soft neutral shades touching the mid section of the eyes and a shiny touch to the brow.

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Eye Contouring Makeup

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2. Eyes that are upturned would need dark shadows to the outer lower corner of the lids, a medium toned touch on the eyelid completely and a highlight to the brow bone. Winged eyeliners would accentuate the upturned eyes further.

Upturned eyes contour

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3. For women with downturned eyes, we would take a brown eyeliner and line the upper lash line, blending it with a shadow on neutral tones right across the eyelid. This would help lift the eyes and make the eyes look lively too.

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Downturned eye contour

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4. If you have hooded eyes, matte and dark shades would be best to dust the eyelids with. This wouldn’t bring about an overwhelming look when the inner corner of the eyes are highlighted, and the brow bone too.

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Round eye contour

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6. Almond eyes are perfect eyes say most makeup artists, since they have plenty of versatility in them. Matte shades should be used as an eye wash with dark shades on the outer crease that helps accentuate the shape of the eyes and brings a natural glow as well.

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Almond eye contour

Source: blog.mua-cosmetics.com

7. With small eyes, sticking to medium and light shades would be best since it wouldn’t be heavy on the lash line. The lower lash line should have soft powdery touches to enhance the look.

Small eye contour

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8. If you have large eyes, you have more space to work around and play with. For these eyes we would look at medium to dark shades, which make the eyes look compact and nice.

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Large eye contour

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So here were the best ways to contour your eyes for your eye shape and mastering this would bring about the right eye contouring makeup on the lines of super cute and very sensual divas from Bollywood that you have desired to look like!

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Contour eyes for eye shape

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