Eyebrow Maintenance – Your Guide To Get That Perfect Eyebrow


Eyebrow Maintenance

Eyebrow maintenance still seems to be an underrated practice.
We all have gone through patchy days when we fret over wrongly done eyebrows, or the embarrassment owing to that excess growth in between the brows and along the edges.

Even though we dedicatedly stick to our bi-weekly salon appointments, we have to accept that our brows do have a mind of their own. The notorious shorter ones seem to be giving their star appearance at every other unwanted place, along the edge, disturbing that perfect aspirational shape.

With bold and bushy eyebrows getting all the attention recently on ramps and in the trending no-makeup looks, its hi-time we get our Brow game on point.

For your convenience, we have whipped up a quick step by step process to ensure that the next time you step out, none of your GFF’s can actually point to that brow and say, “When was the last time you got it done?”

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1. Know Your Natural Eyebrow Shape

We all yearn to have that perfect bow- shape eyebrows, but not all of us are blessed with the same. The sooner we come to terms with it, the better chances we have to groom what’s ours. So, first start with acknowledging and appreciating your natural shape.

Easy Tips for Getting Perfect Eyebrows
Source: collegefashion.net

We have further tried to help you identify here, the eyebrow shape corresponding to your face shape, only to ensure that the next time you pluck you know which way you are headed.

Maintaining Eyebrow Shape
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2. Know Exactly Where To Start And End

Courtesy professional expertise, we have with us the mantra to understand exactly where is it that the eyebrow should begin, the arch and the point where the eyebrow should conclude.

Use a pencil and hold it up vertically at the end of your nose. That point would ideally be the start. For the arch holding up the pencil in an angle from the nose to the edge of your pupil works. Professionals also suggest that the arch should essentially be marked at the point wherein the brow bone protrudes the most. Putting the pencil at an angle from the end of the nose to outer end would help identify where to stop.

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Beautiful Eyebrows Tips
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3. Plucking

Now grab your eyebrow maintenance kit

And voila, you have mastered our quick eyebrow maintenance process.

Eyebrows go a long way in defining your features and hence they deserve your time and attention. So don’t be lazy and wait till your next salon appointment. Stay on point all the time.

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Here’s a quick DIY to ease your maintainence escapade

Hope this article was helpful to you all. Share your comments with us below.


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