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How To Wax Eyebrows At Home – Beautician Hacks Unearthed

by Fashionlady
How To Wax Eyebrows At Home

Eyebrow Waxing at Home

You do not want to mess around with the natural shape of your brows, and yet want them to look fine and shapely too? We have the answer you’ve been waiting for, when it comes to eyebrow waxing, shaving or tweezing, dear PYTs!

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Here’s all you want to know about eyebrow waxing at home, tweezing and shaving as well

Attain That Fab Brow Look

Shaping one’s eyebrows has always been the norm when visiting a parlour, and some like it pencil thin while others prefer a slight trim. The looks are dated, and can be distracting with the two styles mentioned, and they certainly do not enhance the facial contours in this day and age too.

Your eyebrows would affect the way your eyes appear, and the overall facial bone structure too. Rather than emulating a popular celebrity, focus on your looks and become the diva the world wants to watch. Here are a few eyebrow waxing tips!

Focussing on the thickness of the brow, the length of the brow and the arch of the brow would be the name of the game here.

tips for waxing eyebrows

Source: totalblissspa.ca

2 Easy Ways

1. You could either opt to remove the unwanted hair with eyebrow waxing at home

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2. You could opt to fill in the sparse zones

how to prepare for eyebrow waxing

Source: bellebeauty.co.uk

Should I Wax or Tweeze or Shave my Eyebrows?

This is a question asked by many PYTs across the world, and there is no definite answer given on the same.

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  • If you think of tweezing the brows, you should know which hairs to remove and which to keep. You don’t want to end up with horrible and unattractive brows to flaunt or ill-shaped ones too. With the help of a magnifying mirror (5X), every hair can be seen, which can be used while tweezing is on. Start slow to begin with, so you don’t rush and make a mess of the tweezing ritual.
  • You could use an eyebrow pencil of repute to shape the brow and enhance the brow area- experiment a little to know which works wonders for your overall look.
  • While waxing, tweezing or shaving, one should start from the middle to align the tail end and the beginning of the brow- answer to what to know about eyebrow waxing before you get it done.


  • The arch should fall quite close to the position of the third eye, but careful at the tail end, so as not to extend it into the temple zone.
  • Never allow the brow to drop at the back of the brow bone- a thumb rule you should always follow when waxing is concerned, tweezing or shaving too. When this is done, it seems as though your brow makes the face frown, rather than bringing on vibrancy to last.
  • Over waxing and tweezing the brow isn’t advised, which means removing too much of stray hair around the arch and the tail end isn’t advised.
  • When waxing for alteration of the brow, get the minimal touch and nothing more!

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  • For small eyes, wax and pluck a thin line to make the eyes look large.
eyebrow waxing kit

Source: benefitcosmetics.com

Tools to Use to Tweeze Eyebrows

  • Tweezers for tweezing- Revlon has fine tweezers to use and works best with all brow types.
  • While waxing should be done using a professional hand, the wrong hairs wouldn’t be removed if done at the salon, using cold wax. Cold wax only, since the area around the eyes is the most sensitive! Alternately, eyebrow waxing kit is available as well.

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