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Learn From Us How To Use Eyebrow Gel To Get Those Eyebrows On Fleek

by Fashionlady
Beautiful Eyebrow

Beautiful Eyebrows

Eyes, nose, lips – we spend so much time on contouring and embracing them. Sadly, the eyebrows don’t get the same treatment. Think about it, your face won’t be the same without them. In fact, their uncredited influence over your appearance is so much that even the slightest change in their shape can alter your look. But the max we do about them is a monthly quick visit to the parlor.

However, plucking, waxing or even brushing for that matter won’t do anything for you unless you keep the stray hair in place. Here is when the eye brow gel comes into play. In case you wondered what eyebrow gel is used for, they create enviable arches above your eyes that stay put all day with a perfect finishing touch. Well-groomed eyebrows frame the face and adding a contrast to your general look, they can easily knock a few years off your face.

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You may pick an eyebrow gel from the drug store to begin with and once you get a hang of it, you can invest in a high end product. For experimenting homemade eye brow gel works wonders too.

Eyebrow Gels


You might find yourself wondering how to use eyebrow gel and powder? Well, the interwebs are loaded with eyebrow gel tutorial videos. These vids are illustrative and often give you a detailed demonstration on how to use eyebrow gel.


Again, how one uses an eyebrow gel and what kind one chooses depends largely on the eyebrow type. If your brows are fuller, you don’t need to fill them heavily. You could just go for a clear one. Clear eyebrow gels would let you tame those unruly strands of hair. Even if they are curly, an eyebrow gel can keep them in place. When you apply the eyebrow gel, the smoother and glossier texture of your arches will be visible.

The question of how to use eyebrow gel for sparse eyebrows might now be flocking on the minds of those with thinner hair on eyebrows. Its pretty simple, if you have lighter brows, use pigmented eyebrow gels. Tinted gels add the desired definition to the eyebrows. A hued gel that will compliment your natural brow and add color to the structure making it looked well giving it an illusion of fuller and richer brows. This practice will also add structure to your face. If you are debating between two colors, always go for the one that matches your hair color closely, or go for the one that is a shade lighter to it – never go for the darker one as it gives a very artificial look to the brows. If it seems less, you can always add more product. But if you over do, you cannot take it away.

Some Important Tips On Eyebrow Gel Shopping

Choose your tinted eyebrow gel wisely while you are shopping for your make up products. Get help from the attendants to identify a product that puts the color on your hair strands avoiding coloring of the skin that renders the look an artificiality.

Some Important Tips-On Eyebrow Gel Shopping

source: kilimall.co

Steps In Filling Your Eye Brows

Adding the eyebrow gel into your natural brows are just another step that you need to instill into your make up regimen.

Benefit Brow Mapping

source: benefitcosmetics.com

Step 1: First thing you do is fill in those brows using a pencil or powder taking care that the sparse areas are colored in. Move the pencil or the powder brush by the natural brow line.

Perfect Brows

source: womensweekly.com

Step 2: Add in a layer of eyebrow gel. The gel would come with a wand. Sweep the wand with the gel alone the hair. You start from the inside and work it along the length of the brow outer ward. Be careful of working the wand along the direction of your eyebrow growth securing any stray hair within the shape of the arch. The best way to do it is to put the strokes in an upward motion.

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And wolla! There you have the most perfect eyebrows ever. Now counting these steps it may sound like a time consuming job, but you will get a hand of it sooner. The entire process won’t take even 5 minutes. Try it and thank us later!!!

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