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The Thick Eyebrows Trend Is Not Dying Anytime Soon

by Fashionlady
Bushy Eyebrows

Thick Eyebrows Trend

Just a few years ago every woman whether office going or housewife or even every college going girl would be seen with thin narrow eyebrows. There wouldn’t be any lady sporting an eyebrow pencil in her makeup kit. In fact, every girl with thick eyebrows would be ogled at, in not such a good manner.

But that’s all in the past. Now most ladies keep an eyebrow pencil and go to the parlor for getting big bold eyebrows done. Why? Well, the thick eyebrows trend is in! Now, on flipping through any magazine you’ll see all the models don bushy or thick eyebrows. All your favourite actresses, like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are keeping their eyebrows bold too!

Everything You Need To Know About The Bushy Eyebrows Trend

So now you’re probably wondering how the bushy eyebrows trend has seemed to make its way back? This is solely due to the fact that thick eyebrows make your face look much younger. The less you pluck off, the more naturally young your face looks. They appear to suit each lady’s face best and stay in shape for much longer. Also, just by removing minimal hair from your brows your face instantly becomes more symmetrical.

Thick Eyebrows Trends

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So How To Tweeze And Manage Bushy Eyebrows –

1. Comb And Snip Eyebrows

With the help of an eyebrow brush or tooth brush comb your eyebrows in the upward and outward direction. If there are any excess hair that are clearing standing out cut them carefully with the use of scissors. Be careful whilst snipping so as to not over-trim the hair.

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Eyebrow Fashion

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2. Numb Eyebrows

Desensitize your eyebrow area with ice cubes one minute before using the tweezer. You will do this by gripping ice over the eyebrow until you’re no longer able to feel how cold it is on your brows. This will assist in painless tweezing.

3. Go From Bottom To The Top

Pluck each hair carefully. By using slant-edge tweezers it will be much easier to grasp and remove each strand. Begin by plucking from beneath the brow and with rapid hand movement pull the hair in the upward direction and pull. While plucking from the top portion of your eyebrow be cautious to not ruin the shape of your arch.


Eyebrows Fashion

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4. Check Your Work

Tweezing your eye brows will require more time than waxing them does, however, it is much more accurate. If your eyebrows require a huge amount of shaping try waxing first and then tweeze to get the right shape. Ensure to keep checking your work by taking a step back from the mirror and analyzing your whole face.

Big Bold Eyebrows

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5. Finishing Up

Once you’ve curtailed your eyebrows apply clear brow gel. This will help keep your thick brows in one position. If you don’t have access to gel, hairspray will do. Just spray a bit of it on an old toothbrush and brush through your eyebrows.

There you have it! Thick bushy gorgeous eyebrows.

However, if you’re uncomfortable with tweezing and shaping your brows or just don’t have enough time to do it; try creating bushy and thick edges with your eyebrow pencil. How to become a part of the bold eyebrows fashion with simply an eyebrow pencil? Here’s how –

3. Slight Plucking

Highlight the excess hair going outside the main brow with a white pencil. With a tweezer pluck the extra strands out.

Thick eyebrows fashion

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4. Use Pencil

With an eyebrow pencil fill in the scanty regions of your eyebrow with short and swift pencil strokes.

bold eyebrows fashion

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Now you have quickly made thick eyebrows. For keeping the eyebrows bushy (if that’s the style you were going for) don’t trim or pluck much of the extra hair. Just tweeze enough so that it doesn’t look shabby.

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Before we go we have a few things to keep in mind while plucking. Avert from tweezing the actual eyebrow itself. This will cause the eyebrows to become less bushy and reduce the total quantity of hair. Only pluck around the brow, just to give it shape.

So you can now master the art of getting those bold thick eyebrows. Go get started!

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