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Stylish Tips On What To Wear With Floral Shorts

by Fashionlady
What To Wear With Floral Shorts

What To Wear With Floral Shorts

The onset of summer means we prefer loose and skimpy clothing. This definitely equates to shorts time! If you feel it’s compromising on your feminine and girly part, while oozing that tomboyish vibe, it’s time to switch to floral shorts and team it up with various feminine elements to carry the runway trends to a new plane! Be in vogue and get inspired on what to wear with floral shorts with the below mentioned suggested ensembles:-

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Floral Shorts Fashion

Source: lookbook.nu

Adorn The Parisian Style – Floral Shorts Fashion

The main hub of runaway fashion, Paris is also terrific to take minimalist style inspiration for everyday styling. Go the Parisian way and pair your bold floral pants with a striped top, button down. Keep the shirt lightly and randomly tucked in to add that tinge of the carefree and reckless look! Elevate your style by adding a belt and some statement jewellery like a bold cuff, big dial watch, sunglasses and of course, the perfectly matched bag! Polish off the look with a cute pair of tennis shoes or moccasins. Note the harmonious color pattern incorporated. A terrific and quick way to adorn the floral shorts fashion!

Shorts Trends

Source: artinthefind.com

Ways To Wear Floral Shorts For a Formal Gathering

A very versatile and comfortable summer fashion staple, the shorts are no longer just a casual affair. They can now be easily worn as daily office wear or even light formal occasions. Check out the style tips to wear floral shorts to the office boardroom.

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Style 1: Team Floral Shorts With Same Floral Blazers

Get yourself a same floral print and color shorts and blazer. Team it up with complimenting or contrasting color top. However, for formal occasions, a white top is ideal. It not only oozes the right professional aura but compliments any color or any floral prints to the tee. Complete the polished feminine look with matching formal looking sandals and bag/purse and whoa! You are ready to take on all competitors in and out of the boardroom! However keep in mind that the shorts should be mid length with cut lines and clothing more tilted towards formal tailoring.

Floral Shorts and Floral Jacket

Source: outfittrends.com

Style 2: Casual Formal Look For Formal Lunch/Parties

Ensemble your small floral printed black base shorts with a loose white half button top with rolled sleeves. Deck it up with statement pearl statement necklace and bracelet other accessories like ring or ear pearl studs. Let your hair loose or style it the way you love it. Finish off with nice pointed matching stilettos and cool hand purse! Walk in confident now with the perfect feminine glamorous vibe yet a woman meaning business!

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Ways To Wear Floral Shorts

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Other ways to wear floral shorts to office is to team it up with loose blouses, blazers etc of subtle colors and flattering details that ups your feminine and glamorous quotient without the boisterousness that would be inappropriate for an office environment. Non denim shirts are perfect here. Even the loose fit shorts tops look fabulous if worn right. Matching shoes and appropriate accessories are vital to complete the chic look! Check out the images to feed your imagination! We are sure you will never be at a loss of ideas for what to wear with floral shorts.

Style Tips To Wear Floral Shorts

Source: pinterest.com

Whether you are going shopping or a lunch date, ensemble your floral short with a graphic tee. They look extremely feminine and cool against the floral prints. Add edge to the styling with ankle boots, funky bracelets, eyeglasses and a hat to beat the sun! The feminine and sensual vibe is not only comfy to tackle the scorching sun but bound to make people give you a second look!

Floral Shorts and Graphic Tee

Source: gurl.com

The Winter Look!

Floral shorts are no longer limited to summers. Get tights beneath the shorts and layer the top with cardigans. Shoes and accessories complete the showstopper look! Check out the flower crown and the studded boots of the model!

Floral Shorts and Cardigans

Source: gurl.com

Laces Oomph The Sexy Quotient

Oomph your casual sexy look with lace floral shorts teemed with feminine shoulder dropping tops.

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Lace Floral Shorts

Source: outfittrends.com

Cropped Tops Are Perfect Ensembles

Team your regular white cropped tops with black floral shorts and white heels. The outfit is cool enough for a workout session as well! Just replace heels with running shoes. Sweating out can look real stunning as well!

Cropped Tops With Black Floral Shorts

Source: outfittrends.com

Cross Over Floral Shorts

Ooze a natural feminine edge with cross over floral shorts paired with single colored feminine tops.

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Cross Over Floral Shorts

Source: outfittrends.com


Floral Shorts And Kimono

Adorn a kimono and a knotted shirt to drip a highly sensual vibe with the ultra-feminine edge.

Floral Shorts and Kimono

Source: gurl.com

Lace Tops

Flaunt the super feminine look with lace tops, floral shorts and loads of bangles. Soar the temperature a few degrees higher!

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Floral Shorts and Lace Tops

Source: gurl.com

Itching with ideas of what to wear with floral shorts? Try ours and share your ideas by commenting in the box below!

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