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Hand Makeup Is The New Trend For Makeup Enthusiasts

by Fashionlady
Hand Makeup Tips

Hand Makeup

Okay, so you thought hands are only meant for cooking, wearing tattoos and adorning jewellery? Sweetie, now that we are in the 21st century, trends will no longer be simple and boring, but exciting, creative and innovative. Like, for instance, how many of you heard of ear makeup which is a new trend catching up fast with the fashionistas.

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Now hand makeup is one more such fad which is raising eyebrows for the sheer newness it brings to your hands. It might sound intriguing at first, but when you see the images below of drawing incredible looking eyes on hands, with perfect shading, and highlighting in the corner of the eyes, you will find it growing up on you.

Best Hand Makeup Ideas

For this, you first need to draw out an eye on your hand. Then follow it up by applying eyeliner and shadow. Remember, your interpretation of the eyes is up to you and there are no limits to your artistic discretion. Yes, you can experiment with all sorts of trends such as glitter, cut crease and winged eyeliner to amp up the look.

Ideas For Hand Makeup

So let’s get started exploring the endless possibilities of hand makeup designs and hand makeup tips. It can be safely termed as a new bold and happening recipe for a daring you. Take my word!


Blink Of An Eye

Give your makeup skills a new platform by using your hand as your palette.

Hand Makeup Ideas

An Evil Of An Eye

Now imagine painting awesome looking hand makeup eye at the back of your hand. There is no devil playing dirty games here, just a plain evil trance.

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Hand Makeup Eye

Comical Love

Once a while, it makes sense to do childish play. Like for instance, drawing out the funny and cutey pies Mickey and Minnie. You might end up kissing your hand in the process when you watch out this hand makeup designs.

Hand Makeup Designs

Catty Hand Makeup

Puppy love we all know, but ever heard of cat love? This hand makeup shown below with a black cat and white cat arms in arms with each other makes it all the more interesting.

Hand Makeup Tip

The Call Of The Wildlife

Can you see wildlife cropping up in this hand art design? Alborghetti is the mastermind behind this sweet chipmunk, which looks almost three-dimensional.

Hand Makeup Tips For Womens

Miniature Panda

Saw how this miniature panda looks as lifelike as the design.

Best Hand Makeup Tips

Ever wondered about the role of the artists who do this beautiful job of perfecting their makeup techniques? The trend has quickly shaped into an art form which is dedicated to creating lifelike, photo-realistic renderings of eyes, starting from the lids to the eyelashes.

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Blush As You Please

Now this particular hand makeup designs will have almost everyone begging for a kiss. The luscious scarlet lips shown on the hands could possibly have the classic Prince track “Kiss” racing through people’s minds when you pass them by.

Best Hand Makeup Designs

Paws That Purr

Send your paws purring through this mystical hypnotising design which redefines hand makeup.

Hand Makeup Designs For Womens

Goth Twist

Now go and unleash a twisted goth hand makeup design that is not only slick and stylish, it is artistic and intricate too.

Hand Makeup Designs

How did you find these ideas and tips on hand makeup? Want to attempt it? Drop in a line and tell us how excited you feel on hand makeup ideas.

Images Source: pinterest.com, storiesofworld.com

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