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Ear Makeup Trend: Makeup On An Unexpected Body Part

by Fashionlady
Ear Makeup Designs

Ear Makeup Trend

I know, I know makeup is the next best thing to do after eating or sleeping. It’s every girl’s pet obsession. But ever heard of doing makeup on odd parts of the body, such as ears? Ear art, I mean. A form of body art which is the latest and unexpected makeup fad that has taken beautification to an entirely new level.

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Yes, I know you might feel a little shy and uneasy on dabbing this makeup on your ears, but you can always make this trend look subtle or bold, depending on your comfort factor.

But, who is the brains behind ear makeup trend? Makeup artist Violette Serrat who introduced this new found love, only to have a huge fan following.

How To Do Ear Makeup

Source: violetgrey.com

Watch out for this shiny accent lobe created by Violette for CR Fashion Book. Goes to show how cool ear lobes can look with small gold hoops.

Ear Makeup

Source: look4ward.co.uk

According to King Kylie, she has loved contouring her ears before a red carpet event. In her ‘smoky rock star’ make-up tutorial on her app, make-up artist Hrush Achemyan brushed Kylie’s ears with a bronzer!

How To Do Ear Makeup?

So could ear makeup designs be the new statement find? Whether this is something you will see on ordinary women or red carpet ones is debatable. But all said and done, it is experimental and creative in all sense of the term.


Let’s find out for ear sake. One thing is for sure, you just can’t look away from it.

Ear Makeup On Fashion Runways

At the Paris Fashion Week, in the year 2014, ear makeup trend became a new thing on the fashion radar. It was fashion designer Anthony Vaccarello who made his models walk down the runway with graphic and inky lobes that were drawn with black liquid liner.

Since then, British make-up artist Pat McGrath went ahead and created a silver statement ear for Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2016 at Paris on October 7, 2015 while make-up artist Yadim did full-on glitter ears for the Opening Ceremony.

Ear Makeup Trends

Source: look4ward.co.uk

You might want to ask how the ear makeup is done – by dipping the lobe in a single color. This makes the makeup technique look more like jewelry and less of an art project.

Ways To Do Ear Makeup

Source: dailymail.co.uk

The Inside Of Ear Makeup

Is there anything rocket-sciency about how to do ear makeup? Thankfully none. Ear makeup is just getting creative with your usual makeup.

All you have to do is outline the ear using an eye pencil in rich hues such as cobalt. Or keep it on a subtle tone with a hint of shimmer on the ear lobe spot you’d like to focus on.

So tell me dearies, how did you find this ear makeup trend? Eager to get it done? We want to know, so post in your comments on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

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