Everyday Makeup Products That Can Turn You Into A Stunning Diva


Everyday Makeup Products

If you’ve been told many a times by your boss at work or at college by the authorities that your makeup was too loud, chances are it was. Now there is no need to despair, for we have five everyday makeup products which you can use to bring about a natural glow and glam to your lovely face and personality. And the best part is, no one would even know.

Makeup Essentials For a Natural Everyday Makeup

Take a look at the five products which we mention in the mini tutorial on how to get the natural makeup look right.

Daily Makeup Tips

A Mini Tutorial On Natural Makeup

In this mini tutorial, apart from telling you the steps on how to get the natural makeup scene right using five everyday makeup products, we also would tell you about how to use the makeup essentials too. Read on please!

Top Makeup Products

5 Top Makeup Products You Would Need

We begin with cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin. After which the first everyday makeup essential we would use is primer, which helps prep the skin for makeup. This also helps smoothen the skin and allows the makeup pigments to blend into the undertone of the skin as well. Primers don’t allow oil build up to happen and can help fill in wrinkles too. Take two drops and apply primer around the face as you would your moisturizing cream.

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The next makeup essential would be the foundation, which should be closest to your skin tone. Use a drop or two with the help of a foundation brush and apply evenly from the forehead to the cheeks, the nose to the chin and the neck area as well. Blending is the key here, which is why we would dampen a sponge and blend the foundation into the skin and the hairline as well. This helps even out the complexion and stops oil build up as well.


Top Most Makeup Products

Once the foundation is set and complete, we will now use concealer which are sheer toned. Going too light with the concealer would make it obvious that you have used makeup. Refer to our posts on which concealer hides which problems, so that you know which one to use and how to blend it evenly into the skin.

Best Makeup Products

Blusher is important to bring a healthy glow to the cheek, shape and definition too. Consider blushers over bronzers for a very natural blushed cheek glow to come through. Don’t smile when you apply the blush, rather suck in your cheeks and apply it from the cheekbones to the temple zone of the face. Only use cream blush and blend it in, because power blushes make the face look old and aged.

Makeup Products

What About The Eyes?

For the eyes, we begin with an eyelid wash, which means using a matte toned eyeshadow which is a color closest to the natural color tone of your eyelid skin. One stroke of that with an applicator brush is enough. You then need to use one shade darker to the eyelid wash color, but in neutral tones- very light peach or pink can be used occasionally.

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Tighline the eyes with kajal pencil. What you do is to rim the inner tear lines of the eyes with dots and with an angular brush, smudge the kajal dots to create a natural lining look. This helps the eyes look big and bright, and very natural as well.

For The Lips

Correct the lips with a peach lip liner and then go on to apply a nude lipstick within the lining of the lips. End with a lip balm for a glossy touch on the lips.

Daily Makeup Tips
We hope these daily makeup tips using five important makeup bag essentials comes in handy. Now go ahead and doll up, and don’t worry- no one will be able to tell you have makeup on!

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