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What Is The Cute Sock Bun And How Do You Wear It To College?

by Fashionlady
Easy Sock Bun

Sock Bun

Heard about Sock bun trend lately? This is a hairstyle which we would have seen on ballerinas mostly. However, it is now a trend amongst college goers and young women from all strata of society, celebs too.

The look is elegant, classy and can be worn at formal to casual occasions as well. You can style it up using your fashionable sense of imagination, and the sock bun would still look super chic. The style holds up the hair and its texture, so it is fit for long haired lasses that don’t want to wash their hair everyday, and yet want a chic look to college.

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Sock Bun Hairstyles

There are many ideas with regard to the sock bun to play with, and are perfect for the hot harsh humid summers or the sweltering monsoons too. And today, we would like to show you a couple of more ways with styling the sock bun.

Sock Bun Hairstyle

Easy Sock Bun Styles

What you need is a single sock, yes a sock and that’s why it is the easy sock bun which forms the sock bun hairstyle. If you don’t have a sock to spare or don’t like that idea of using a sock, you can check for a doughnut hairdo online and pick one to style the sock bun for long hair.

Sock Bun For Long Hair

Braids And The Sock Bun

Since braids are making plenty of waves, we would incorporate the braid with a sock bun to create a very feminine and delicate look. Begin by applying enough of mousse on the hair to set the strands. Now with the help of a tail comb, section the crown area of the hair from the front area. The front area should be braided sideways and pinned to the nape of the neck. Next step would be to take the sock and with it to tie a ponytail. Wrap the ponytail where the braid meets the nape of the neck into a low bun. Pin the two and set it with hair spray. Your easy sock braided bun is done.


Sock Bun For Thin Hair

Au Traditionale Upside Down Braided Sock Bun

Fancy a traditional touch at your elegant college party? For this you need to have long hair, but what if it is thin? You can use hair mousse to add volume to the hair and try this sock bun for thin hair. Once the hair mousse is applied, start sectioning the hair into two halves as shown. The half at the back of the hair, from the nape of the neck should be braided upwards to the crown section, while the hair in the front should be tied with a sock and rolled into a messy bun. Wrap the braid created around this messy bun and set with hair spray. The traditional upside down braided sock bun is ready.

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Tube Sock Bun

The Dutch Braided Side Bun

The Dutch side braided sock bun is a fun hairdo to try, which speaks volumes of your feminine touch and highlights your lovely hair color too. Begin by applying a good amount of hair mousse to set the hair strands with. Comb all your hair to one side, and make an invisible braid from the ear lobe mid way to the lower half end of the flowing hair. Secure the lower end with a band and form a hair loop as shown. Through this hair loop, pull in the remaining hair and secure with a band to form a low Dutch braided side bun. You can use your own innovations on this particular sock bun with braid too.

Sock Bun With Braid

The Tube Sock Bun

An easiest way to do the tube sock bun without spending much time would be to use a doughnut hair accessory. Start by applying enough of mousse on the hair for the setting to happen, and then comb all the hair backwards into a high ponytail. When you culminate the hair onto the crown of the head, put all the hair through the doughnut and form a ponytail. Tease and back brush the flowing hair to form beach waves, and then wrap it around the doughnut accessory to form a tube sock bun.

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