Top 17 Hairstyles And Haircuts In 2021


Haircuts You'll Be Asking For In 2018

2021 is here already. And there is no better reason to welcome the New Year with new haircuts for women that are worthy of an experiment. Whether it is working bob with fringe, undone wet look, short shaggy cuts, the New Year will give you the perfect opportunity to redefine your mane story.

List of Top 17 Hairstyles And Haircuts In 2021

1. Undone Wet Look

Wet hair look has been doing the rounds for quite some time but there’s a new twist that is going to come up in 2021 All that we have seen till now is poker slick hair, but the new haircut style is more loose and tousled. It is a lot softer and less harsh than the poker straight hair.

Cool Haircuts

2. Bouncy, Blow Dried Hair

Bouncy, blow-dried hair made a re-entry on the fashion runway recently. This glamorous hairdo gets a big nod since the retro 80s disco themed look is trending, so having the big bouncy hair back is no surprise. This is one of the chicest haircuts for long hair. It is more manageable as it is textured with volume with a soft flick front.

Medium Length Haircuts

3. Natural Textured Hair

2017 has not got over its curly and natural textured hair obsession and amazingly it’s not going anywhere in 2018 too. Except that the curls are getting bigger in the coming year. That means you can stop being fixated on your relaxer and embrace your natural side. The idea is not to brush out textured hair after styling but maintaining the natural waves. But if you are longing for one of the most undefined medium length haircuts, then this is perfect for you. Run your fingers through the hair to get the finished look.

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4. New Age Ponytail

2018 is bringing back the low and loose ponytail with the scrunchie. If done in a cool way with the hair kept loose and low, then the style looks amazingly gorgeous. An air-dried texture will bring out an undeniable style. Use the throwback scrunchie to secure loose ponytails for a retro look. For a modern look, avoid using a big scrunchie, patterned or metallic scrunchie. Just make sure your low ponytail is smooth and sleek. Always wear this romantic and edgy ponytail at the nape of your neck.


5. Schoolgirl Plaits

2018 is bringing on the braids but with a twist. The latest hair styleis about achieving an undone and messy look. Until this time around, braids were symmetrical, neat, and pristine. But in the coming year, it is going to be the opposite-loose and messy. You can also make use of simple hair elastic like hair bobbles for a more classy finish.

Hair Cuttery

6. Bob Cut With Fringe

Brace yourself to see plenty of bob haircut with fringes in 2018. No matter what your face shape is, the new trend is surprisingly going to be wearable for all. Instead of the blunt cut block fringe, the new trend is messier and looks undone. The new look is way more casual. You can get to decide whether to keep the fringe below your eyebrows or tuck it behind your ears. For the ultimate look, go for a lighter fringe because a block fringe can feel heavy with a bob.

Ladies Haircut

7. Flyway Fringe

Go for the best haircuts of 2018-flyaway fringe. This new look is already stirring a storm in the beauty world. It is the coolest version of everything else yet. This uber cool haircut will definitely give you a chic mane makeover.

Hair Cutting Style For Female

8. Short Shaggy Cuts

Hair whipped in a short and shaggy cut is one of the newest trends. To get the look, twist hair, coil it and place it on the scalp. Pin it into place using bobby pins. This ladies haircut is a great option for women who fancy short hair.

Latest Hair Cut

9. Unkempt Center-Parted Hair

One of the most popular cool haircuts is this regular center-parted hairstyle translated into a non-fussy and unkempt look. It is an easy and posh hairdo. It is the perfect hairdo you can wear to a lawn party or art gallery.

Short Haircuts For Women

10. Curls With Small Messy Braids

Curly haired girls can stay true to their natural side while adding an element of texture. Translate the curls with two, small messy braids on the side of each ear. You can also give an extra body to the hair by using your fingertips for a tousled finish. This is one of the popular haircuts perfect for medium to long curly hair.

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14. Braids With Fresh Flower Adornment

Fresh flower adornments are the next best hair accessories for 2018. This hairdo is not for weddings alone. You don’t have to make complicated floral hair arrangements. Even a single flower variety along your hair ends is enough to make a striking statement. Next, think about how to arrange the flowers. A centered or off-center placement is ideal for floral hair accessories. But you can be experimental and try and arrange a grouping of large flowers at one end, and cascade small flowers down the side. You are free to work your ways.

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15. Neat Middle Parting

Do you prefer to keep your hair out of your face? Then this hair cuttery is for you. You can easily make use of hair clips or clear hair elastic to manage your hair. For this style, leave your hair open or pin the top section up before tying it at the back.


16. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is back with a bang. The 90s inspired tomboy-cut is one of the most evergreen short haircuts for women and is relatively familiar to all of us. And it is also hugely popular at various fashion events and shows. Very recently, Alia Bhatt was seen on the cover of Elle magazine sporting the cut. This cool haircut is easily the surprise element in the new season.

Bob Haircut

17. Grunge

Another nice surprise this season is the grunge look. This funky hairdo is about unruly strands refusing to stay in place, whether it is wet hair or hair buns. If you love to sport a hairdo with panache, then this designer ‘out of bed look’ is perfect for you!

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So what do you think about the biggest haircut trends for the new year? All we can advise is to let your hair down and party hard until you make up your mind. Cheers to that!


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