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Very Seductive Arabic Eye Makeup Looks For The Summer Night Parties

by Fashionlady
Summer Eye Makeup

Arabic Eye Makeup

It is the eyes that does most of the talking when arabic eye makeup is spoken about. The eyes of an Arabian woman are an epitome of beauty, a benchmark for the rest of the world to follow. Even though she is covered from top to toe, her mystical beauty is pronounced well enough through the tricks of arabic eye makeup, which makes her a dazzling diva. Remember, it is the eyes of the Arabian woman that is only shown to the world, and hence she takes her time to doll up the lids and make them sensual and dramatic.

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Summer Eye Makeup

These are the arabic eye makeup signposts to know off!

  1. The eyes
  2. Stunning eyeliners
  3. Smokey lids
  4. Colorful eyeshadow
  5. False eyelashes
how to do arabic eye makeup

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Focus On The Dark Kohl

Before we tell you more about the Arabic summer eye makeup styles and looks to flaunt, you must grab a black eye pencil and learn how to tightline the eyes. Tight lining means to apply kohl generously on the tear line and the lash line in equal measure, which helps make the eyes stand apart. Once the tight lining is done, you must use at least two strokes to get the darkened lids.

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arabic eye makeup tips

Focus On The Gradation

Gradation means to have an amalgamation of colorful touches on the lids. Even with simple arab eye makeup, one has to keep the lids very colorful. The Arabians have a way with playing with the color wheel, and if you have referred to our earlier posts on how to get the right color mix and match styles, the color wheel would show you how to use gradation to get the hue on the lids you want. Always use a lighter shade from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner, and in the mid section with a blending brush you should blend the two shades.

simple arab eye makeup

For The Summer Look

For women who love the Arabian eye do and would want to emulate the same at a party, you should use matte toned light shades from the inner to the mid section of the eyelid, with a warm toned shade such as peach or powdery pink in a little glitter and shimmer from the mid to the outer section of the eyelids. Dark kohl should be rimmed on the upper and the lower lash line and the lids respectively.


arabic eye makeup tips for womens

Lighter Eyewashes

What are eyewashes you ask? An eyewash of the first base of a lighter shade of any hue you put on the whole eyelid, following which a shade darker to that of the eyewash should be used from the inner to the mid section of the eyelids. The last step would be to use a dark blue pencil with a darker shimmery shade of blue from the mid section of the eyelid to the outer corner, and then the shades blended well in the middle. With the dark blue pencil, you first draw the eyeliner on the lids and smudge it with an angular brush, over which you would use a dark black pencil to smudge the same line and create a smokey effect.

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summer eye makeup Tips

Golds And Browns

You could also use a shade of light gold from the inner corner of the eyes to the mid section of the eyes, with a neutral shimmery brown palette from the mid section to the outer section of the eyelids. Amalgamate the two in the mid section to form a natural blend, which gets the right gradation through. Dark kohl rimmed eyes with this combo of colors makes for a deadly appeal!

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eye makeup tips for arabic
We hope you learnt the various look on how to do arabic eye makeup, so start practicing from now!

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