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10 Monolid Make Up Tricks

by Fashionlady
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Monolid Make Up Tricks
Are you a Monolid beauty? Do your eyes have no creases at all? Every time you apply make up on your monolid eyes, it just doesn’t seem right at that moment! The general eye makeup rules are simply non-functional when it comes to the application on monolid eyes. At times, even professional makeup artist baffles on deciding which eye shadow to use and where or how to apply eyeliner that will accentuate the monolid eyes.

There are some tricks that you must follow while applying eye makeup on your monolids.

Monolids are the eyes with single eyelid or eyelids without any eye creases. Generally, Asian people have monolids. Oriental eyes are also monolids, since they don’t have any visible eye creases.

1. Create Ombre Effect On Eyes– Yes! It is possible to create a gradient effect on monolid eyes. Simply apply a darkest colour near the lash line and use the faded or light colour of the same shade as you go upwards. This will provide the illusion of depth on your eyes that tend to be flat. Black or dark brown colour liners on the lash-line are best and later you can fill in the dark colour on the lid. Now, apply the lighter shade of the colour and blend it upwards and outwards. This will complete the ombre effect. You must remember to blend outwards instead of inwards. After the application of eyeshadow in an ombre way, gently dust the eye brush over the eyes for a seamless effect.

Monolid Eye Makeup

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2. Winged Cat Eye Look– One advantage of having monolids is that, since there is no crease, there is no worry of smudging the liner over the lid. Oriental eyes are perfect to create a beautiful winged cat-eye look. When drawing a cat eye look, ensure that you are looking up instead of down. Monolid eyes tend to change their shapes when you look in different directions and hence always look up when finishing off the makeup. You must also pause every few seconds during application to check whether the line is visible when the eyes are open.

Eye Makeup Looks

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 At times, monolid beauties have a problem that their eye makeup gets hidden when they open their eyes as the makeup becomes folded beneath the eyelid. If this is the case with you too, don’t shy away from applying thicker line at your lashes to give the impact to your look.

3. Heavily Curl Your Lashes – The shape of lashes are pushed downwards due to the skin of monolid eyes. Ensure that you curl your lashes heavily and then apply multiple coats of curling mascara to hold the shape all day long.

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monolid natural makeup

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4. One Bright Colour At a Time – Wear one bright or bold colour and apply it all over the upper and bottom lids. To do it, close your eyes and apply the colour to the upper lid in the shape of your eyes and then finish it by drawing the bottom lid with the same hue. Choose one colour and stick to it. Simple eye makeup makes the best statement on eyes!

Eyeliner Tricks for Monolid Eyes

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5. Naturally Highlight the Inner Corners – Those having flatter nose bridge, should apply light colour shadow on inner corner of eyes as this will create depth and clear lines. You can choose softer or flesh-toned colour to create the depth to your inner eye corners. Afterwards, powder the inner corner of the eye to create the illusion of 3-D effect. You could also use a shimmery lighter shade. The colour of the shade can also depend on the colour of your eyes, hence choose something that will accentuate your eyes.


Eye Makeup Tips for Monolid Girls

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6. Shadow the Bottom Lid – The application of a little shadow on the bottom lid gives the effect of a larger eye. Focus on keeping the intensity mostly on the upper lid and use a softer shade on the bottom lid, near to the lash line. This will make your eyes look more open. If you wish to keep it simpler for a day look, skip the shadow but still line the bottom of your eyes.

Eyeliner Tricks

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7. Enhance Your Natural Eye Shape – It is better not to fake a crease with a harsh line or shadow. Simply focus on showing your natural eye look and enhance it.

Pay attention to the grooming of your eyebrows as well. This will help give your eyes a nice frame.

8. Opt For Waterproof – When applying the eyeliner on monolids, ensure that it is a thick waterproof eyeliner. It will look thick when your eyes are closed and however as you open your eyes, most of the liner will not show due to the folded skin of the eyelid.

Celeb Makeup Artists, Kira Nasrat suggests –

Smoky eyes for Asian eyes are less about adding dimension to the outer crease (since there is none), and more about creating an even, ombré effect from your lash line towards your brow.

10. Skip the False lashes – As it looks unnatural. Instead go for individual ones. Start applying from the centre and then go outwards. First curl your lashes, apply a waterproof mascara and then tilt your head back and apply your lashes.

Kira Nasrat also advises–

 I think the biggest misconception people have is that eye makeup brushes are one size fits all. You have to use a brush that’s designed for you. Someone with deep-set eyes and big lids wouldn’t use a smaller shadow brush—it would take forever! Here are three must-have brushes for Asian eyes: a dual-ended eyeliner brush and smudger, a smaller flat eyeshadow brush with a tapered end and a soft, fluffy blending brush.

The next time you apply eye makeup on monolids, do let us know how far do these tricks helped you in achieving the desired results! Remember, makeup is an art and it takes regular practice to come to perfection.

Happy Eye Make-Upping!!!

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