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20 Quick Eye Makeup Tips You Need to Know

by Fashionlady
Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup Tips
Assuming you have read my previous post on eyeliner hacks, I am back with another interesting post. Here are 20 quick eye makeup tips you may like to consider. Do have a read and stay inspired!

1. Go for a change. Try matching your eyeliner shade with that of your eye shadow. This will help your eye makeup last longer.

2. Create a dramatic effect by opting for a less pigmented eye shadow. And you can do this by applying white eyeliner first over your lids.

3. As I had suggested in my previous post, if you’re not sure about getting even strokes then first draw an outline with your pencil liner. You can then top it with liquid liner.

4. In order to get your desired shape, replace your regular eye liner with a wet liner brush.

5. For your DIY gel eye liner, you can simply heat the nib of your kohl liner with a lighter and can use it to get the effect.

6. For beauties with monolids, they can use a gel or liquid liner and try drawing a thick arch. This will give you the perfect line.

7. And if getting a perfect line seems to be pretty challenging for you then draw a stroke first and then use a cotton swab dabbed with petroleum jelly to even the stroke.

8. White eye liner is an ideal option, which you can use as a brow highlighter for an instant eye lift.

9. In order to get the perfect frame of your eyes, try applying the liner in between the lashes instead of running it over the top of the lash line.

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10. In order to create a dramatic ombré effect, try adding a lighter shade into darker eyeliner.

darker eyeliner

Source: eyemakeupforhazeleyes.com

11. If you are still unsure about getting the perfect stroke then try creating a straight line by putting dots first and then connecting them.


12. To create the winged eyes, you can simply keep the curves of a spoon and create the outline accordingly to obtain the perfect cat-eye look.

13. You can fix your eye liner smudges by concealing them with skin-colored eyeliner.

14. If you find your eyeliner to be crunchy then simply put it in refrigerator for 10 minutes before applying on your eyes.

18. Here is a trick for perfect smoky eyes – Draw a hash tag on the outer edge of your eyelids and then smudge them softly with the sponge.

perfect smoky eyes

Source: twimg.com

19. If you are unsure about winged liner then try creating the flick closer to the outer edge of your eyes instead of drawing away from it.

20. In order to get that perfect look, try to keep your eyes open while using eyeliner.

Make sure you pick up good quality makeup products from reputed brands and trust worthy online stores such as Nykaa. Since you will be using them on your face, it is alright if you need to shell out more money. After all, that’s what is going to make you look pretty in the end. Also, branded products will have SPF’s and moisturizing properties that will help your skin too.

So those were the 20 quick eye makeup tips you may like to consider. Hope you found this post useful!

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