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Top 5 Eyeliner Hacks for Every Beauty Enthusiast

by Fashionlady
Eyeliner Hacks for Every Beauty Enthusiast

Top 5 Eyeliner Hacks for Every Beauty Enthusiast
You are all set from head to toe to attend a fancy party. Right from your outfit to accessories and hair-do are all at the right place. And not to mention even your foundation is blended well, highlighting all of your best assets. And you are just going to give your look the finishing touch when your entire effort is ruined with one bad stroke of eyeliner. Considering most of you might have faced the same beauty ordeal, I offer you top 5 eyeliner hacks for every beauty enthusiast.

1. Don’t count upon built-in smudgers

Just as we see eraser at the back of a pencil that seems to be convenient for kindergarten kids; we also get pencil eye liners with a built-in smudger. But let me tell you they do not completely remove the smudging. The best you can do is to take some shadow with smudge brush and turn that bit of the blunder into an even smudge. Voila! You not only perfected your liner, but also created a quintessential sultry look with smoky eyes.

2. Heat up the uneven nib of pencil eyeliner

Sometime when we sharpen a pencil eyeliner, we are left with an uneven nib. And when we run this pencil over our top eyelid, we feel as if we scraped a piece of sandpaper on the extremely delicate area of our face. Sharpening further would end up breaking off the nib of the pencil. So, the smart way is to heat the nib with your hair dryer. The hot air softens the eye liner’s muzzle, thereby making it convenient to glide softly across your waterline and above the eyelids alike.

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3. Multi-purpose mascara

You are already running late for an event, and to your horror you discover that you have run out of your eye liner. Well, fret not as mascara can come to your rescue. Surprised? Here’s the trick – Simply try applying the mascara as close to your lash line as you can by wobbling it carefully against the lash line. You can also take help of liner brush. Simply run the brush across the mascara wand and use that brush over your lids that appears like a liquid liner. However, this trick isn’t recommended to substitute your kajal.


4. Achieve cohesive line naturally

If you are interested in creating cohesive line then you should start from the outer edge of your eyes. Carefully create the shape instead of simply creating winged eyes. This will further help you in determining your preferred look i.e. thick, super-sleek or winged.

5. Draw the outline with pencil

If you are a beginner and you have purchased a liquid eye liner and not sure about creating an even stroke then you can always take the help of your pencil eye liner. Before applying the liquid eye liner, use the pencil to draw the outline over your lids. You can then run the brush over the outline. This way, you not only get an even stroke but the double coat ensures long lasting frames without getting smudged. Besides, it also renders you an easy clean up later on.

Hope these top 5 eyeliner hacks for every beauty enthusiast give you some inspiration for your beauty session!

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