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How to Get Long Beautiful Eyelashes

by Fashionlady
Beautiful Eyelashes

Beautiful Eyelashes
Since Cleopatra’s time, women have been using cosmetics to give the illusion of longer lashes. There is something about long lashes that are alluring and make one look incredibly attractive. If you are not blessed with naturally long lashes, or if you have sparse lashes that are barely there, then you might want to try some of the tips mentioned below to grow your lashes.

False Eyelashes

Okay, let’s first get the most obvious thing out of the way. You can always use artificial eyelashes and mascara to make your lashes look long, thick and lush. Just be super gentle with how you handle these products as they can lead to breakage of your real lashes if handled roughly.

False Eyelashes

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To remove artificial lashes, gently dab with a sponge soaked in eye-makeup remover. This will help loosen the glue and you can gently remove the lashes. And if you’re using mascara, remember to never curl your lashes after you apply the mascara. Always curl your lashes first and then put on mascara. Mascara might dry out and make your lashes brittle. So avoid them as much as possible if you have weak lashes. Alternatively you can use a clear mascara to define your lashes without damaging them. If you are trying to wear fake eyelashes for the first time, click here to not go wrong in any of the steps.

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Beautiful woman Eyelashes

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Never go to bed with your eye makeup on. They do terrible damage and mascara left on through the night will just end up making your lashes brittle and thin. You can also read our post on What happens when you go to bed with makeup on.

Home Remedies to Grow your Lashes

Apart from the obvious cosmetic options that will temporarily give the illusion of longer lashes, you can actually try out these home remedies to make your lashes longer.

1. Castor Oil and Olive Oil

Mix a few drops of castor oil with a few drops of olive oil and apply this on your lashes before you go to bed. Do this daily to make your lashes longer. Castor oil will strengthen your lashes, making them less susceptible to breakage and when used long term, it will help your lashes grow thicker and longer.

2. Olive Oil

Just plain olive oil by itself is a good lash grower. It will coat your lashes and help them grow. Massage a few drops of olive oil onto your lashes every day.


3. Haritaki Oil

You can also apply Haritaki oil to your lashes every day to strengthen them and make them grow.

4. Green Tea

Organic green tea leaves can be soaked in warm water and this water can then be applied onto your lashes. Green tea actually makes your lashes thicker and even a little darker. So try this method out if you want your lashes to look more thick and dark.

If your lashes are dry and brittle then treating them with oil will help coat them and nourish them. So even if you don’t have olive oil or castor oil, you can still use coconut oil or any other mild oil to keep your lashes from breaking.

Chemical Products

Home remedies are not your only option. You can try to get commercially available lash conditioners that have been proven effective in growing the lashes. They might take anywhere from three weeks to a few months to start showing results. But let me warn you that these conditioners have been known to have side effects including dark circles, a stinging sensation, and some dark patches around the eyes. So make these your last option, if and when home remedies fail to give results, only then consider using a lash conditioner.

And lastly, just like with hair growth, you need to have a healthy nutritious diet. If you are dieting and skimping on food, it could lead to weakened lashes. So consume hearty meals and include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your every day diet.

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