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Factors to Consider Before Buying Pearls in Hyderabad

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Pearls in Hyderabad

Factors to Consider Before Buying Pearls in Hyderabad
As far as I am sure, every single tourist (mostly female) who visits Hyderabad definitely goes shopping for pearls in the city. It’s criminal to not include pearl shopping in your itinerary, provided you’re aware of the city’s legacy. The city is stockpiled with pearl shops. Pearls have now become an integral part of city’s culture. So the million dollar question is what are the factors to consider before buying pearls in Hyderabad?

Here are a few factors to consider before buying pearls in Hyderabad. Let’s get into the details –

Individual pearls are usually sold in tolas (1 tola = 11.6 gm). Before recession had hit the entire globe, good quality pearls were sold from Rs. 10 – 2,000 per gram. And the much popular Basra pearls cost around 500-3000 bucks per gram. This year the price has dropped to almost 20% thereby making it the perfect time to invest in the ‘Queen of Jewels’.

However, you should also remember a few facts while buying pearls in Hyderabad, especially if you are a first timer. You need to be extra careful. Always remember you have got a wide variety of choices, so do not spend your entire budget in just one shop. Before you settle down for some fine pearl jewelries, make sure you have explored a couple of good jewelry stores in the market. This will give you an exposure to the market rates and also you’ll come across an array of designs. And not to mention, you’ll also get to know about the best buys and the best stops for bargain haunts.

Pearls in Hyderabad

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Did you know there are over 30,000 dealers in the city? Now, that’s a whopping number! The most crowded shopping arcade you will find is around the architectural axis of Charminar which is flanked by a colorful neighborhood replete with stores of pearls and bangles.


It’s always better to do some homework before buying pearls in Hyderabad. You should always acquire a basic knowledge about pearls, like their types that includes both natural and cultured. While natural ones have become rare and expensive, the cultured pearls which are affordable have eventually become the nucleus. The best cultured pieces are carved out of oysters that die after removing the pearls. And the pearls of those oysters which do not die after extraction are referred as Biwa pearls.

When you are going through the pearl items at the store, you can ask the shopkeeper if they are Biwa pearls. This question will make him feel that he is dealing with a customer who has know-how about pearls, thereby lessening the chances of you being cheated upon price.

Now there are also imitation pearls which are nothing but glass beads that are dipped in a fish scale-solution. Because of the thin coating, these so-called pearls eventually fade off.

While settling down for pearl ornaments, don’t forget to check their luster, which is nothing but a mix of polish and brilliance that offer a glow. Always good quality pearls will radiate a bright luster, so much that you can see your own reflection on it. Always avoid pearls that are either too white or chalky, as they impart poor quality.

Usually, the cultured pearls do not come in a perfect round shape. So consider, the rounder the shape is the more precious the pearl is. Usually, pearls are measured in millimeters. They can range from 0.1 mm to 7 mm which is the largest size you’ll usually find. The larger the size, the more pricey are the pearls.

For pearl necklace, there are two types available – one is bib that comprises of multiple strands of pearls of different lengths and the other is collar that consists of several rows of pearls worn as a choker.

So those were the top factors to consider before buying pearls in Hyderabad. Hope this helps!

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