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Tips To Make Waxing Less Painful

by Fashionlady
tips for waxing

 Tips To Make Waxing Less Painful
Waxing is the most excellent way of making your skin smooth and silky for longer, than any other method of hair removal. However, waxing has some negative points too, if you don’t do it right. It is always recommended to make your skin ready for waxing otherwise it could be a seriously painful experience for you.

Thankfully, waxing can be made less painful by following few simple yet brilliant ouch!-reducing tips. Check out these 10 easy tips to save you from all types of waxing pains:

1. Applying a skin numbing cream or gel before waxing, will make the skin less sensitive. You can also pop an aspirin or ibuprofen around thirty minutes prior to waxing. Taking a pain-relief pill is helpful if you are going to wax in most pain provoking areas like upper-lip, chest and bikini areas.

2. Don’t just look for an aesthetician or cosmetologist, instead, find someone with lot of experience. An experienced hair removal expert would know which type of wax is best for your skin; thus using wax of the right thickness. Pulling the hair in the right direction is also very important; only an experienced professional would take care of all these aspects while waxing.

Experienced Person for waxing

Source: 1192clinic.co.uk

3. Reduce the acid reflux in your body before getting waxed. People who smoke or consume caffeine / alcohol on a regular basis have very high amount of acid in their body. If you are one of them, avoid alcohol and switch to decaf at least half an hour before your waxing appointment. Once the acidity is cured, your skin sensitivity will also reduce.

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4. Exfoliating prior to waxing will certainly help reduce the pain. Use slightly coarse exfoliation gel so as to remove dead cells from the skin’s pores. This will eventually helps in a smooth and easy removal of hair. There are several excellent quality body scrubs available in market, specifically prepared for waxing purposes.


Source: bodyhonee.com

5. Refrain from applying astringent or toner, as they will tighten the pores, strongly holding the hair follicle. So avoid applying them before you get waxed.

6. Don’t apply ice for numbing the skin. Many people believe that ice is a perfect thing for numbing the skin so it might also decrease the waxing pain, but this is not true. If you use something cold on the skin, it will actually tighten your skin-pores. Remember, the skin pores need to be totally relaxed before you start waxing.

Waxing right direction

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7. Don’t assume that it would be easier and less painful if you try to remove your hair yourself. In fact, it might be hard and more painful because you can injure your skin if you pull the hair in the wrong direction.

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8. Calm down and don’t stress your body while waxing the sensitive areas. A relaxed person can definitely deal better with the pain than a stressful one.

9. Always remember that you should not wax ears, nose and nipples, similarly sun-burned skin, bumps, moles and pimples shouldn’t be waxed either. You might end up hurting yourself.

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