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How To Control Redness After Waxing Bikini Area – 8 Effective Ways

by Fashionlady
Redness After Waxing Bikini

Redness After Waxing Bikini

A tidy bikini wax sure lends you a smooth texture and makes you feel sexy, but the process you undertake to get your lady parts cleaned and groomed is sure harsh and painful. Redness after waxing bikini area makes you try everything from ice packs to chilled smoothies down there. Basically anything that eases down the uneasiness – be it multiple pops of ibuprofen or multiple shots of tequila! Redness after bikini waxing is not the only aftereffect, it is well accompanied with pain, inflammations, bumps, ingrown hair and more.

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So how do we deal with the fuzzy bikini line without worriedly fidgeting about the after effects of bikini wax? Here are some insider waxing tips for you to sail through:

After Waxing Care

Bikini wax though allows you to go for weeks without maintenance, it can cause a lot of irritation, inflammation and redness in the area if you do not take proper after waxing care measures. Wearing tight clothes or following certain skin care methods can exacerbate irritation and inflammation.

We’ll Give You Some Insider Waxing Tips For The Best Aftercare For a Bikini Area Waxing:

1. Keep It Hydrated:

Do not let your skin go dry under any condition. Keep it moisturized and hydrated. An Aloe Vera gel or a normal body lotion with milk can work like magic. But be sure that you use mild products as the bikini area is one the most sensitive areas of your body.

2. No Sunny Business:

During a waxing, the upper layers of your skin can get removed in the process, which can increase the sensitivity of your skin to the sun and thus increase the chances of sunburn. So it is advisable to not go for natural tanning sessions or opt for beach parties for next 24 – 48 hrs.

3. No Steam Or Sauna:

It’s best that you avoid extreme heat post waxing. Waxing should be ideally followed with a cold compress instead of scalding hot shower.

After Waxing Care

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4. Ban Those Synthetics:

Wear loose clothing and cotton fabric, so that skin can breathe. Tight clothes or panty liners can further increase rashes and susceptibility towards infection. Make sure you change your underpants every few hours as leaving the area exposed to moist fabric can also cause skin infections or fungal growth.

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5. No Sex:

This may seem like we are intruding into your personal space but from a lady to another, experts recommend staying away from all sexual activity for the first 24 hours after the bikini wax. This is the time period when your body is most susceptible to bacteria that can cause an infection and therefore more problems on a later stage.

6. Soothe It Down:

After hair removal from the bikini line, risk of ingrown hair may increase. After removing hair from down there you may think no more grooming is required, but dead skin cells soon build up on the exposed skin, which results in blocking pores. When pores are clogged, hair follicles get trapped. When this trapped hair can’t grow out, they grow back into the skin, resulting in bumps or outgrowth on the skin, which can be an early sign of ingrown hair. For daily care, simply replace your soap with mild exfoliating scrub and use this in the shower along with your favorite body wash.

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Insider Waxing Tips

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8. Keep It Up:

If none of the problems related to your bikini wax show up. You’re doing well. Just keep a track of your bikini wax schedules. Do not go for wax sessions too soon, let your hair grow 1/4th inch or more else it results in breakage of hair than removal from the roots which may result in further problems.

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With this elaborate after waxing care guide, caring for your private parts will be easier. Share your hacks to tackle with redness after waxing bikini line.

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