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Everything You Need to Know Before a Bikini Wax

by Fashionlady
Bikini Waxing for Beginners

How to Prepare for a Bikini Waxing
Okay, we aren’t claiming that knowing some important facts and following some pre-waxing tips will make your next bikini wax a breeze. But these will undoubtedly stop that shudder going down your spine, whenever you will think of getting rid of your ‘hairy bush’. So, let’s get prepared both physically and mentally for a ‘bearable’ bikini waxing.

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Know Your Waxes First

Before undergoing the process, it is important to have a clear idea about the wax your esthetician is going to use. After all, it is the most sensitive part of your body and you can’t use just anything on it. So, here we go:

  • Soft / Strip Wax: In this popular method, soft wax is applied hot to the pubic hair and then, pulled up with a strip of cloth. It is mostly used for hair of thin texture and causes stickiness and / or irritation. The process is also quite slow and hurting.
  • Hard Wax: This procedure involves lubricating the skin with suitable oil, applying hot hard wax to it and ripping it off upon cooling. However, hard wax cools down very fast causing it to break or crack. And as it is ripped off the skin directly, the skin may get damaged and the hair may not be removed efficiently.
  • Elastic Wax: Though a bit rare, this wax is made to stretch by applying to the hair in large areas right at the body temperature. It doesn’t need a strip during removal and hence, doesn’t cause much pulling or pain.
Bikini Wax Tips

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Grow Your Hair Out

Neither too large nor too short hair is good for a perfect bikini wax. Make sure that you grow your pubic hair out at least for 4 consecutive weeks before visiting the salon. If you hair is not minimum (1/8)” to (1/4)” in length, your esthetician will not get a good grip and the strands will not be removed from the roots. Moreover, shorter hair is actually quite denser, which causes extreme pull and pain during waxing. But, if your hair surpasses the ideal length, groom it prior to waxing for the best results.

Exfoliation is Necessary

When we say you need a little preparation for getting your private part waxed the right way, we actually mean exfoliation. Whether you go for it the night before your waxing session or end up doing it right at the morning, just do it anyways. A sugar scrub or anything similar will help you get rid of the dead cells around your lady bits and give you lesser ingrown hairs.

Waxing During Period? ‘NO’!

Well, getting a bikini wax during your period is not at all prohibited. But, it is actually pretty unsanitary. Also, our body remains extremely sensitive throughout those days, which may turn the entire procedure deadly painful. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid it 5 days before and after your menstrual cycle in order to avoid all sorts of complications.


Sanitation Can Never be Ignored

When it comes to waxing your bikini area, you should never ever compromise with sanitation as it can result into serious infections. Ensure that your esthetician is wearing gloves and using a fresh new waxing kit exclusively for you.

Waxing at Bikini area

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First Time Hurts

If you are a first-timer, we can totally identify with your pain. But don’t worry. It will get better over time. Pubic hairs are hard, coarse and stubbly, which make their removal a painful concept. But when you go for it again and again, they start growing shorter and thinner, which come off easily without causing much pain.

Speaking Up Actually Helps

Communicate with your esthetician as much as possible. She actually wants you to speak up about everything that she needs to be informed prior to waxing your private part. Let her know about your medical history, allergies, current medications, etc., which may otherwise interfere with the process. You can even do small talk during waxing in order to distract your mind from the pain.

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A Pill can Ease Your Pain

Though not necessary, you can take certain OTC pain relief medicines like Advil before visiting the waxing parlor. Popping such pills will make you numb, which will cause less pain and inflammation eventually.

Make Bikini Wax Less Painful

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Hydration is the Key

Retaining the natural moisture of the skin is crucial to experience a less painful bikini waxing. Try to keep yourself hydrated from inside. It is important for you to consume 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. You can also moisturize the skin of your pubic area before and in between the waxing sessions.

No Alcohol Please!

Many women believe that drinking alcohol or any other stimulating beverage right before bikini waxing can reduce the pain to a great extent. But the truth is that they make our pores tighter and turn the whole method quite tough to go through.

Be sure to keep all these things in mind before going out for your first or next bikini wax. And oh! Do remember to take care of the skin post waxing. Your lady bits will definitely thank you for this!

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