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7 Parts of You That Show The Initial Signs of Aging

by Fashionlady
Initial Signs of Aging

Signs of Aging

For some of us, it is tough to accept the bitter truth. That all of us have to age one day, some day. With age, our skin goes wrinkly and loses its elasticity. Wrinkles and age spots become quite common as we cross 30’s. Of course there are options to battle this out such as applying sunscreen lotions, turning to Ayurveda and Naturopathy, eating veggies, fruits and drinking more of water. But these are insufficient to turn back the age clock. Alternatively, the market is flooded with some best retinol creams that slow down ageing. Whatever we do, there are some body parts of ours that willy-nilly show our age. Let’s find out the effects of ageing and how we can battle out the signs of ageing.


Hands are always exposed to weather, heat, water and fire changes. This tends to give out our age more than any body part. Sun damage further adds upto the mess. Which is why, don’t restrict using sunscreen only to face but also apply it on the back of your hands once a day. Just like your face, your hands need to be moisturised too and more so during night time. Remember, hands start to look older as one crosses 20’s so the sooner we look after them, the better it is for us or else ageing will start to show up on your hands.

First Signs of Aging


Freckles on face look cute when we are toddlers but not the same when we grow up. Therefore it becomes urgent for us to lighten the dark spots on our skin as we start to age. Add a brightening serum to your beauty regimen if you want to fight out hyper pigmentation on skin. Also try to eat skin-friendly diet. You can also naturally tighten skin on face and neck.

Face Aging


If you thought face only shows the fine lines and wrinkles faster, you are mistaken. It’s the ‘turkey neck’ that tends to show up as signs of ageing. In fact, the skin of the neck starts to look thinner and droop down. Preventive measures need to be taken. Keep applying and massaging skin firming creams on the neck if you want your neck to look taut. If the improvement time takes long, then you can hide the sagging neck by wearing a good designer scarf.

Aging on Neck

Source: dermoaroma.com


Imagine wearing an LBD for the evening and finding skin looking loose on the elbows. Not much can be done about it but yes you can try applying a moisturising cream. The next best option is to wear long-sleeved shirts. But there is nothing to feel sad and morose. With age, most people tend to develop dry skin around the elbows. Blame it on the sun, stress, or not taking enough fluids!

Anti Aging Skin Care

Source: healthista.com



As we climb up the age chart, our eyelids begin to stretch and the eyelid muscles tend to get weaker. This can also lead to fat formation above and below the eyelids, thereby making eye bags shows up. The best way to circumvent it is drink glasses and glasses of water, get more sleep and take in less salt. Fortunately, there are creams that help reduce eye puffiness so you can try them out too.

Aging signs

Source: cerclinic.com


With the passage of time our hair locks tend to get thinner, brittle, dry and turn gray. (Stop hair thinning with these 7 sure shot ways)The best way to tackle this is to use hair oils such as coconut or olive. Try out protein-rich hair treatments too to give your hair the adequate nourishment and bounce.

Effects of Aging

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You must have slogged out all these years at home and at work. Did you ever think how your feet would be braving all the stress and pain and wrinkle with age? When feet tend to pain, cracked heels and calluses tend to develop it’s time to devote some attention to your feet too. At night moisturise cracked heels just as you moisturise your face, arms and hands.

Feet Aging Signs

Source: eldercompass.net

Starting today, get into the habit of following the instructions above to reverse the signs of ageing. It will help stop further ageing if not eliminate it.

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