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How to Take Care of the Skin Post Waxing

by Fashionlady
How to Take Care of the Skin Post Waxing

How to Take Care of the Skin Post Waxing
Going to office, for a party, or an adventure trip, a woman needs the best dress, makeup and smooth and waxed arms and legs. Waxing is the first prerequisite for a woman to look hot and sensational. After all, which camera would like to focus on feminine skin that has hair stubble showing? But waxing is also a painful exercise as it causes redness of skin and irritation. Those of you who have thicker, coarser hair and deeper follicles are bound to have a tougher time.

Thankfully, there are methods such as applying ice cubes on the skin to bring a sense of coolness. But what you need is a consistent and proven way to treat skin after you have waxed your arms and legs. Below are a few tips to make waxing less painful.

Tip 1

When you go to a salon to get your waxing done, find out from your beauty technician the kind of lotion she recommends after waxing. Though most salons use a lotion immediately after the waxing session in order to soothe the skin, the lotion with aloe or lavender helps soothe pain, burning sensation and redness.

Take Care of the Skin Post Waxing

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Tip 2

It is easy to give in to using harsh soaps or creams as cleansing agents for the first 24 hours after the waxing has been done. But little do we know that this will cause skin irritation and pain. The better option is to go and take a cool shower. This will help soothe the skin without causing any sense of irritation. Also abstain from using exfoliating creams with scrubs after waxing as that will only further aggravate the skin causing redness and even bleeding in some cases.

Skincare for Post Waxing

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Tip 3

Applying a cold compress to the waxed area would bring relief, if you get a hot or painful sensation. All you need to do is fold a piece of cloth and hold it under cold water running from your tap. Squeeze out the moisture from the cloth piece and press it on the waxed skin to get instant relief and reduction in swelling, if there is any.


cold compress to the waxed area

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Tip 4

Once the waxing has been done, one often feels the need to touch the area. But this can spell trouble as it may transfer the bacteria from your as well as others’ hands to the sensitive and vulnerable spot on your skin making it further prone to infection. Therefore it is advisable to wait 24 hours before you touch the waxed spot or run your hands over it. Make sure your hands are clean and sanitised before you touch the waxed area.

Tip 5

It’s important to wear loose underclothes or clothes around the area that you’ve waxed. Tight clothing will always constrict the area and worst of all will trap the sweat underneath. This will further irritate the sensitive skin. Moreover, the sweat will provide the ideal breeding ground for germs which will make the after effects of waxing not a nice experience.

Tip 6

Avoid going for swimming within 24 hours after waxing. Remember, your skin is still prone to infection since it has become sensitive after the pain from waxing. That is no reason to lose hope. Only clean running water is allowed post waxing. You can also exercise after waxing but try and abstain from heavy push-ups since excessive heat temperature on the waxed area will end up irritating your skin. That is why, make sure to apply aloe vera gel before exercising.

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If you have gone for Brazilian or bikini waxing for the first time, take a pain reliever, should you be feeling sensitive after the waxing.

Take Skincare for Post Waxing

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Next time when you go for waxing, hopefully you know the instructions how to make it feel a good and happy experience, not sulky one!

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