10 Best Hot Wax Brands In India


Ladies, save your bucks. If you are considering hot waxing from the salon, it’s time to consider at-home options. While this may sound daunting, it is user-friendly. Learning a few basics on how to use at-home waxing kits is half the homework done. The latter half is finding the right waxing brands. Below, we have summed up the ten best options that can allow you to achieve hairless, smooth skin without minimal pain.

Hot Wax Brands In India

List of 10 best At-home Hot Waxing Brands To Choose From in 2021

Below, our selection of the best hot waxing brands available:

1. Parissa Hot Wax, Bikini & Brazilian Waxing Kit

Waxing the facial contours like eyebrows and lip area or even the bikini area for that matter can be a difficult task. And especially if you have considered the waxing option! But the perfectly-sized waxing option by Parissa is ideal for removing even the tiniest of hairs. It cleans up your brow line helping you achieve the perfect arch. Bonus points for the inclusion of beeswax, canola, and azulene oil, which softens skin.

Parissa Hot Wax Bikini Brazilian Waxing Kit

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2. Zip Wax Hot Wax Hair Remover

If you are not in favor of using a kit or complicated heating tools, then the Zip Wax Hot Wax hair remover can be a smart option. The wax comes in small cubes, so you need to chop off the pieces you need. Melt them in the microwave or direct heat. Apply the heated wax on your skin and allow it to stick well. Peel off. This product is ideal to use on the face and body.

Zip Wax Hot Wax Hair Remover

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3. The Body Care Chocolate Hot Wax

This is one of the best-selling waxing brands in India. This particular hot waxing option earns big points for many reasons. First, the formula works arms, underarms, and legs, making it a great stop for targeting your hair removal requirements. Second, it is sterile, clean, and melts smoothly for easy waxing. Last, it’s a fantastic bargain. Check, check, and check!

The Body Care Chocolate Hot Wax

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4. Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit

Waxing the bikini line is no easy feat. To attain painful and great results from home, it might be good to buy a waxing kit. The Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit is a smart option, for that matter. The kit includes pre and post waxing treatments like wax warmer and single-use applicators available in three sizes. Amazon users have rated the product with five stars owing to its easy use of removing coarse hair from the bikini area, legs, underarms, and legs.

Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit

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5. Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll-On

The roll-on option from Nair works differently than most other waxing options. It features a clay wax roll-on stick and cotton strips. Just heat up the stick in the microwave for 15 seconds and apply the wax on your skin. Wax off using the cotton strips that come with the kit. The bonus of using this product: a much likelihood of ingrown hair, slower hair growth, and bumps.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll-On

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7. Cirepil Blue Bead Wax Kit

The waxing kit is great for those people looking for quick heating options and applies well. The bead waxing choice melts off literally in seconds and can be applied using wooden applications. That means you do not need waxing strips for this one. While the cirepil wax is infused with jojoba oil to soothe, moisturize, and soothe skin while waxing hair.

Cirepil Blue Bead Wax Kit

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8. Rica White Chocolate Liposoluble Wax for Dry Skin

Usher the spa home with this therapeutic formula that contains everything you require for smooth skin. The perfect wax consistency is easily spreadable to entire hair follicle, making it easy to remove even the shortest of fine or coarse hair.

Rica White Chocolate Liposoluble Wax for Dry Skin

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9. The Body Care Pearl Shine Hydrosoluble Wax for Whitening Skin

What’s unique about this product that it not only removes hair with smooth results but also lightens hair! It greatly nourishes the skin after the waxing process. The wax features a superior gripping option that is gentle on skin.

The Body Care Pearl Shine Hydrosoluble Wax for Whitening Skin

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10. Rica Aloe Vera Wax For Sensitive Skin

The formula of this wax is ideal for sensitive skin and is infused with aloe vera. There are no risks involved of burning your skin. And it’s not just the hot wax that is noteworthy here, is the thin application, too. Super moisturizing to get the smoothest results possible!

Rica Aloe Vera Wax For Sensitive Skin

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This is our selection of the ten best heat wax brands available in India. We hope these reviews help you choose the best. Please feel free to drop a message in the comment box below.


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