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10 Amazing Benefits Of Rica Wax

by Fashionlady
Amazing Benefits Of Rica Wax

Rica wax is also called chocolate wax. It is composed up of vegetable oil and plant-based ingredients. They are produced from an Italian Cosmetics Company called Rica that manufactures high-quality body care products. But their most popular product remains the Rica Wax. What makes this wax so special is its 100% Colophony free elements.

Amazing Benefits Of Rica Wax

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What Is Rica Wax?

It is not used for hair removal purpose but can leave skin smooth and moisturized. They are costlier than regular wax as they are imported. But the Rica Wax is better recommended because of its hydrating properties.

Different Varieties Of Rica Wax:

This type of wax is available in a number of flavors suitable for different skin types and other requirements. They are categorized below:

  • Normal Skin-Titanium
  • Dry Skin- Coconut and olive oil
  • Normal to dry skin- Chocolate or Strawberry
  • Sensitive skin- Honey, aloe vera, green apple, and milk
  • Bikini Wax- Avacado Butter
  • Relaxation- Talcum Rica Wax
  • Pampering-Gold and Pearl Rica Wax

The Best Benefits of Using Rica Wax

Similar to other wax options, Rica wax also helps remove unwanted body hair. It is available in different types of flavors as mentioned above. What makes it one of the best sellers is its ability to reduce irritation, redness, coarse hair, and pain. Its moisturizing and all-natural ingredients make sure your skin remains soft after.

Rica Wax

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There are several other benefits of Rica Wax. They are listed below:

  1. Rica wax is gentle on skin. It can be used directly on clean skin without heating.
  2. It features a pre-wax gel that makes it effective to remove unwanted hair.
  3. It features hair gripping ability to avoid waxing repetition over the same area.
  4. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  5. Rica wax leaves the skin smooth and moisturized.
  6. You will also notice a brightened skin tone after use.
  7. Beeswax is one of its ingredients which make it super moisturizing.
  8. The wax is composed of 98% all-natural ingredients and does not leave a sticky finish to the skin.
  9. The process is less painful than normal wax.
  10. Rica wax also offers pre and post waxing options available in the form of gels and oils. These leave a pleasant fragrance post waxing.

We are often hesitant to book that waxing appointment at the salon because of painful experiences in the past. But, rica wax promises you a pain-free treatment coupled with smooth skin. It has a hard gripping feature that sticks to the skin and manages to pull hair from the roots. They are completely oil-based and therefore can remove ingrown hair effectively. Rica wax can also reduce hair growth after a couple of sittings.

Now that we have you covered on the benefits of rica wax and its painless treatment options, you have solid reasons enough to book that salon appointment.

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