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14 Best Acne Scar Removal Creams To Get Clear Skin

by Fashionlady
Best Acne Scar Removal Creams

Here’s what is annoying about acne breakouts. Even if you haven’t picked at your zit, it can leave behind a red scar or dark spot. Luckily, there are several products that can help diminish lingering marks. You just have to select one that’s best suitable for your skin. To make your selection process easier, we have rounded up 10 acne scar removal cream available in India, that’ll face off those stubborn spots in no time.

The Top 14 Acne Scar Removal Cream In India

There are tons of acne scar removal cream products in India that can help fade visible marks, as long as you pick the right ones. And for that we bring you these 14 best acne scar removal creams for clearer skin.

1. Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment

Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment
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Form: Gel
Suitable for: Acne Prone Skin

Neutrogena is a popular brand that offers a wide range of skincare products ranging from acne removal creams to anti-aging. This Neutrogena acne treatment consists of only 10% benzoyl peroxide that goes deep into the skin, kills the bacteria causing acne and prevents new ones from forming. It also has a fast working formula that treats acne faster than many other products available in the market and that too being gentle to the skin.

Benefits of Neutrogena Acne Treatment

  • It offers long lasting protection
  • Makes your skin healthy
  • Reduces redness caused by pimples

How to use

  • Clean the skin well before applying the crèame.
  • Apply a thin layer of the cream once or twice daily.
  • Apply sunscreen over the cream if going outside.

2. Biotique Bio Winter Green Spot Correcting Anti-Acne Cream

Biotique Bio Winter Green Spot Correcting Anti-Acne Cream

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Form: Cream
Suitable for: Oily and Acne prone skin

Biotique is a much-loved Indian brand people refer to when in need of ayurvedic formulated products. Derived from natural ingredients like daru haldi, choti dudhi, gandhpura and neem, this cream helps in clearing up the acne scars and promotes smooth silky flawless skin. The cream also nourishes the skin and maintains the required moisture for the skin efficiently. Thus, if looking for ayurvedic formulated cream, do consider Biotique for the same.

Benefits Of Biotique Spot Correcting Cream

  • It soothes the skin to treat acne effectively
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • The cream is best for reducing spots and blemishes

How to use

  • Apply this cream on affected areas but make sure you wash your face before the application
  • Use it regularly in morning and evening for best results

3. Mamaearth Skin Corrector Face Serum

Mamaearth Skin Corrector Face Serum
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Form: Cream, Serum
Suitable For: All Skin Types

Mamaearth is a renowned brand known for non toxin, cruelty free products. It basically is a one-stop solution for beauty, skin, hair, and baby care needs. Coming back to the Mamaearth Skin Corrector Face serum, it works quite well with all skin types. The main ingredient of mama earth’s skin corrector is niacinamide which helps remove the acne scars left behind. As niacinamide is the active form of vitamin B3+, it prevents the production of sebum that causes acne and eliminates the symptoms of the same. It also contains nature’s antioxidant Ginger extracts that calms and soothes the skin.

Benefits of Mamaearth Skin Corrector Face Serum

  • It helps in reducing enlarged pores
  • The serum enhances the skin texture
  • Made from completely natural ingredients

How to use

This serum from Derma Co helps remove the acne scar efficiently. Composed of niacinamide as the primary ingredient, it basically prevents the skin from getting acne and also helps fade the scar left behind. Moreover, it also fights against large pores and promotes improved skin texture. The serum also contains zinc which controls the production of sebum and diminishes the acne marks effectively.

Benefits of Derma Co Serum

  • It controls sebum production that reduces the severity of the acne
  • The serum is an incredible source of moisturization to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.
  • Fades acne marks overtime to deliver perfect skin

How to use

  • Take 2-3 drops of serum and apply it to your entire face and neck, twice a day
  • Gently massage your skin in a circular motion until the serum gets absorbed
  • Use sunscreen after applying this serum.

5. Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream

Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream

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Form: Cream
Suitable for: All Skin Types

Vicco is one of the oldest brands that has been there in the skin care market. The company provides products related to skin care, oral care,  shaving creams, and pain relief. This cream from Vicco is especially formulated to treat acne and fight other skin infections. Additionally, it works as an antiseptic cream as well to heal scars and promote healthy skin.

Benefits of Vicco Cream

  • It consists of turmeric that makes skin bright and healthy.
  • The cream soothes skin to heal acne, boils, burns and other skin problems
  • Moreover, it has ayurvedic formulation which means there will be no side effects.

How to use

  • You can use the cream twice daily after cleansing your skin.
  • Or use it as a night cream.

6. Neuhack Pigmed Cream

Neuhack Pigmed Cream
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Form: Cream
Suitable for: All Skin Types

Neuhack is a rising brand of India dealing in face care, body care, hair care, and ayurvedic supplements. This cream from Neuhack Pigmed is an ayurvedic cream consisting of natural ingredients like Bavachi oil, Chitrak, Sesame, Manjistha, etc. These ingredients together help lighten pigmentation and dark spots. Additionally, it also repairs skin cells and reduces blemishes, acne scars, and stretch marks.

Benefits of Neuhack Pigmed Cream

  • It promotes healthy radiant skin
  • Evens out your skin tone
  • Reduces tanning

How To Use

  • Wash your face with facewash
  • Dry it with a towel
  • Apply Neuhack pigmed cream on affected areas

7. Mederma SkinCare for Scars

Mederma SkinCare for Scars
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Form: Cream
Suitable for: All Skin Types

Mederma is a renowned brand when it comes to scar management. However, if you have scars left because of acne, Mederma is still preferable to use because it is doctor recommended and contains ingredients that lighten the visibility of scars, dark spots and gives you clear skin.

Benefits of Mederma Skincare

  • It is the best cream for treating acne and other scars
  • The cream is totally safe to use
  • Promotes spotless face

How to Use

  • Wash your face before application
  • Apply the cream to the affected area thoroughly
  • Massage the skin gently and let the cream be absorbed by the skin
  • Use Mederma cream consistently for better results

8. Saroj Organics All Clear Cream

Saroj Organics All Clear Cream

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Form: Cream
Suitable for: All Skin Types

Saroj Organics is a rising brand that is into skin care  and hair care. It basically offers gels, creams, serums to treat different skin conditions along with hair care products like shampoo and oil designed to treat hair problems. Coming back to skin care, this cream from Saroj Organic contains tea tree oil as its primary ingredient which has anti-inflammatory properties and thus consequently removes swelling, and reduces redness and acne scar. Tomato extracts are also beneficial for skin and help minimize the appearance of pores. Moreover, this cream contains natural ingredients that fight against blemishes, reduce pimples, breakouts, and keeps your skin healthy.

Benefits of Saroj Organic All Cream

  • It protects your skin from toxins present in the environment
  • The cream locks in moisture to keep your skin hydrated
  • Neem extracts present in the skin kill bacteria causes acne

How to use

  • Firstly wash your face and dry it with a towel.
  • Take a sufficient amount of cream and apply thoroughly to the affected areas
  • Now gently massage the area in a circular motion
  • Let this cream sit on your face the whole night, as its a night cream

9. Lotus PhytoRx Clarifying Pimples & Acne Cream

Lotus PhytoRx Clarifying Pimples & Acne Cream

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Form: Cream
Suitable for: Sensitive Skin

Lotus Herbals, a renowned brand in India offers exceptional skin care, hair care, baby care, and make up products. All products manufactured by them are solution oriented and cater to all skin types. This PhytoRx Clarifying Cream by Lotus has natural extracts and other ingredients like clove oil, tea tree oil, thyme, and sage. All these ingredients contain antibacterial and acne-fighting agents to clear acne,acne scars, blemishes, soothe skin, and prevent skin breakouts.

Benefits of Lotus Professional PhytoRx Anti Blemish Cream

  • It helps restore skin’s Ph balance
  • The cream lightens skin pigmentation and reduces dark spots
  • It also prevents future discoloration of skin

How to use

  • After gently cleansing your face, take the cream onto fingertips.
  • Apply on the affected area gently.
  • Use morning and night daily.

10. Dermatouch Bye-Bye Acne Scars

Dermatouch Bye-Bye Acne Scars

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Form: Cream
Suitable for: Normal Skin Type

Dermatouch is a brand that strongly believes in offering solutions to targeted skin problems. It mainly provides products developed by  dermatologists themselves that infuse wisely chosen actives for better efficacy.

Moreover, this cream from Dermatouch consists of Hidroxitirosol, Lime Pearl, and Maslinica ingredients that are clinically proven to help reduce scars and marks. Its gentle exfoliation improves the affected skin texture and also promotes increased cell turnover. Additionally, this cream is non-greasy and thus it won’t make your skin oily at all.

Benefits of Bye Bye Acne Scars And Marks

  • Helps in cleaning acne scars
  • It helps you have a smoother and even skin
  • Promotes the removal of dead skin cells

How To Use

  • Add on the extension over the tube nozzle.
  • Apply the cream to the affected areas thoroughly
  • Use this cream twice a day
  • For better results, use this cream for 4-6 weeks consistently

11. Vaadi Herbals Anti Acne Cream

Vaadi Herbals Anti Acne Cream

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Form: Cream
Suitable for: All Skin Types

Vaadi Herbals is a one stop destination for personal hygiene, skin care, and hair care products. Basically it offers a great range of skin care products targeting specific problems. For instance, Vaadi Anti Acne Cream targets acne problems only. This anti acne cream consists of natural ingredients like clove oil, neem, and orange extracts that contain anti-bacterial agents that eventually kills acne causing bacteria. Additionally, the cream also has astringent properties to shrink skin pores and resultantly keep the face healthy and acne scar free.

Benefits of Vaadi Herbals Anti Acne Cream

  • It controls the production of sebum
  • Treats the root cause of acne
  • Helps to get rid of acne marks and breakouts

How to use

  • Clean your face and pat dry before application of the cream
  • Apply this cream gently all over the face
  • For best results, use it daily once.

12. Dr. Batra’s Natural Anti-Acne Cream

Dr Batras Natural Anti-Acne Cream

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Form: Cream
Suitable for: All Skin Types

Dr Batra’s is another esteemed brand in our country. Started as a single homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, the company evolved with time and now has 215 clinics across various countries including India, UK, UAE, Bahrain, and Bangladesh. In 2004, it introduced its products related to skin care, hair care, personal care, and immunity booster medicine. This anti acne cream from Dr Batra treats the skin well and gives you healthy looking skin. The main ingredient of this anti-acne cream is Berberis Aquifolium. This ingredient is useful for treating acne, acne scars and skin irritation. It also has Echinacea which can soothe the skin. The cream also has olive leaf extracts for preventing aging signs and skin damage.

Benefits of Dr Batra’s Anti Acne Cream

  • Soothes skin
  • Consists of natural antioxidant properties
  • Regular use prevents infection, acne, acne scars, and improves skin

How to use

  • Apply Dr. Batra’s Anti-acne cream twice or thrice daily.
  • Use it with Dr. Batra’s face wash for best effect.

13. Shahnaz Husain Shaclove Cream For Pimple-prone Skin

Shahnaz Husain Shaclove Cream For Pimple-prone Skin

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Form: Cream
Suitable for: All Skin Types

We all are well aware of Shahnaz Husain as the queen of beauty products. She is the one who stirred the nation with naturally formulated skin care items.  Among many of the products she launched, this pimple prone skin cream is the best for treating acne scars. It contains a unique blend of ayurvedic ingredients having healing properties to treat acne, acne marks, rashes, etc. The cream basically purifies your skin and helps reduce inflammation that in turn clears your face and makes it spotless.

Benefits of Shahnaz Husain Shaclove Cream

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Contains anti inflammatory properties
  • Reduces redness and swelling

How to use

  • Clean your face and pat dry.
  • Apply a small quantity of cream on cleansed face and neck.
  • Gently massage into the skin.

14. Avene Cleanance Expert

Avene Cleanance Expert

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Form: Oil
Suitable for: All Skin Types

Eau Thermale Avène is a brand that offers skin care products including sunscreen, anti-aging creams, anti acne and brightening creams. Additionally, this cream specifically focuses on acne and acne scars and helps them reduce efficiently.The product basically contains a moisturizing agent to reduce the presence of bacteria, treat dark spots, and inflammation. It can also control excess sebum production, reduce blemishes, and blackheads.

Benefits of Avene Cleanance Expert

  • It unclogs the pores
  • Gently exfoliates the skin
  • Offers soft and smooth skin

How to use

  • Apply on a cleansed face.
  • Use morning and evening for best results.

Having acne scars is a natural thing. However, you can always treat them with creams and gels designed especially for treating this specific skin condition. Hence, these are our pick of acne scar removal creams in India. You may select one that best meets your skin requirements. If you have tried any of the products listed above please share your review with other beauty enthusiasts here. We would love to hear from you!

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