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This Winter, Stay Warm And Look Stylish In Layers

by Fashionlady
This Winter Stay Warm And Look Stylish In Layers

This Winter Stay Warm And Look Stylish In Layers
Layers are a great way to stay warm during winter. But can you look trendy in them? Of course! It’s all about knowing how to layer the right way. The trick is to choose items that go well together, creating a look that is stylish and chic and not bulky and shapeless. So to help you achieve this, we are going to give you some layering basics to help you nail the winter layered look.

The Basics of Layering

The number one reason women shy away from layering their outfit is the fear of looking bigger and bulkier than they are. Yes, layers add volume to your silhouette but when done right, they help create a perfectly proportionate figure and a well-balanced look. The first thing to keep in mind is to start off your layered look with a figure-hugging base layer. Be it a shirt or a top, whatever your base layer, make sure it fits you well. When your base layer is like second-skin, the layers you add on top will not add too much bulk.

Top off your base layer with the second layer – a vest or a over shirt. Pay attention to how each layer goes with the other layers. We want to create layers that do not clash but also do not blend in together. The aim here is to add a layer that will complement both the base layer and the top layer. A checked shirt is a great option to add some pattern and make it more interesting. If you’re opting for a vest, pick one with an interesting pattern or design.

Basics of Layering

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The top layer can be anything from a denim jacket to a faux fur winter coat. Make sure it is not only functional but also stylish. This layer is very crucial as it is what will be most visible. So make sure the cut, fabric, and colour of the jacket/coat is to your liking as it will complete your layered look. One thing to remember when choosing your top layer is that this is the layer that could add more bulk to your frame. So opt for coats or jackets that are well-cut and flattering to your figure.

jacket to a faux fur winter coat

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How to make layers stylish

Now that we’ve covered the basics of layering, let’s take a look at how to make the layered look more interesting. The first thing to look out for is the colours. While black, white, and grey seem to be the favoured colour when it comes to winter clothing, too much of these neutral shades can make one look drab and dull. So, as a rule of thumb, always make sure one layer or one item of your clothing is in a bright eye-popping colour. This will help brighten up your look and break the monotony of the winter colours.


The second thing to do is to add some cute accessories. A printed scarf, a pair of sexy knee-length boots, leg warmers in cute colours and prints or a pair of winter gloves will go a long way in making your look uniquely yours. Look for accessories that are quirky and fun. Like a Christmas-theme printed scarf or bright red gloves, things that will give the look your distinctive touch.

make layers stylish

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And last but not the least, break the rules. Wear your floral summer dress in winter and layer it up. Wear sandals instead of boots or sneakers. Find ways to add a bit of rebellion to your winter look because breaking the rules is always much more fun than following them, right? And who says winter has to be all about subdued colours and covered up clothing? If you are feeling summery and cheery during a cold winter day, then you have the right to show it to the world.

loral summer dress in winter

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Have fun during the winters by layering and dressing up in style. Do not compromise on looking good. Hope you enjoyed this post on how to look stylish in layers.

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