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How To Wear Bright Coloured Blazers

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How To Wear Bright Coloured Blazers
A bright-coloured blazer can work both for office and for parties. You just need to know how to carry it off without it overshadowing your entire look. Let us look at some basic dos and don’ts to gain a better understanding of the different ways in which to wear a bright-coloured blazer.

Here are different blazer color combinations

1. Make Black Your Best Friend

If you’re not sure about how to wear a bold coloured blazer without it being too loud and bright, try pairing it with black. Black is a neutral colour that will go with any shade. Moreover, the black will help balance out the bright colour of the blazer, so you don’t have to fret about which colour will go with your blazer. When in doubt, always rely on black.

Ways To Wear Bright Coloured Blazers

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2. Use Stripes

Stripes go so well with bright colours. So wear your blazer with a striped top or dress to make the bright colour look perfect and not over-the-top at all.

Use Stripes

3. Mute Out the Rest of Your Outfit

You’re blazer has enough colour without you having to add more colours to your look. So stick to whites and greys to mute out the rest of your look. This will help the colour of the blazer pop, and at the same time you don’t have the hassle of matching shades and wondering if one piece of clothing goes with the other. Apart from black, white and grey makes great neutral colours that will act as a canvas for your blazer.


4. Rely on Prints

Prints are a great way to bring an outfit together. Use a printed shorts or skirt to complete your look. Make sure the print complements your blazer and lets it shine. Aztec prints work particularly well with bright coloured blazers.

Rely on Prints

5. Experiment with Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a great way to make your bold coloured blazers work. Experiment with different colours and styles to find one that suits both the cut and colour of the blazer. Here’s a great look done with colour blocking.


Experiment with Colour Blocking

6. Keep Your Makeup Minimal

Remember to keep your makeup minimal. Heavy makeup might backfire and make you look trashy. So play it safe and keep your makeup fresh and to the bare minimum.


1. Try to Match Colours

Do not attempt to match your blazer to your pants or skirt. We are not looking to create a uniform. Understand the colours and try out different combinations to make it work.

Try to Match Colours

2. Over Accessorize

Keep your accessories tasteful and restrict yourself to one piece of statement accessory. We don’t want to assault our visual senses with too many accessories, taking away from the bold blazer and the entire look. Too much bling can ruin the look.

Blazers for womens

Bold coloured blazers can look super stylish; all you need to do is to figure out some great outfit combinations for them and wear them with confidence to make it work. They go so well with pretty much any outfit from shorts and jeans to skirts and dresses.

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