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DIY Makeup Setting Spray Recipes – Inexpensive Ways To Fix Your Makeup

by Fashionlady
how to make homemade setting spray

Diy Makeup Setting Spray

This is an apparently simple item that you may not be in need of during the entire makeup session. But once you are done with your hour-long job, you look for it desperately. Yes, I’m talking about ‘setting or fixing spray’ – the unsung hero of our makeup saga. When it comes to wearing makeup, the significance of making it stay put can never be ignored and here comes the value of a good makeup setting spray.

Market is full of myriad choices for aqua-spritz makeup fixing formulae. Oh yes! Some of them are really good! But is there truly any point in spending a hefty price for something loaded with chemical preservatives when you can get a better and cheaper version of it just by using a few natural ingredients? You can easily enhance the vibrancy and wear of your makeup with some DIY makeup setting spray recipes.

Let Us Help You Find Out a Few Potential Diy Solutions For Makeup Setting Spray

Keep reading to know how to make homemade makeup setting spray for a gorgeous long-lasting makeup look:

makeup setting spray

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1. Makeup Setting Spray With Glycerin

If you peep into the component lists of branded setting sprays, you’ll find glycerin in most of them. It is one of the best natural hydrating ingredients you can ever use on your skin for sealing in the applied makeup products. Hence, homemade makeup setting spray with glycerin is very much popular among women. Pour plain water and glycerin (vegetable glycerin would be great) into a spritz bottle in 4:1 ratio and shake well to blend them properly. Spritzing it 3-4 times over the made-up face will give you a beautiful long-lasting look.

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2. Makeup Setting Spray With Rose Water

We all know that rose water is an excellent natural skin toner. But do you know that you can use it for setting your makeup too? To start with, prepare your own rose water by infusing some fresh rose petals in steaming hot distilled water. Or, you may also get a store-bought bottle of rose water. Now, take half cup of rose water and add 1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin to it. Mix well and pour into a spray bottle. Spritz over your face once you are done with your makeup and allow it to dry up completely.

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3. Makeup Setting Spray With Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one natural skin care ingredient that many women swear by. How about fixing your makeup with it? The aloe makeup setting spray recipe is absolutely easy and it can fix your makeup in the most hydrating as well as the most refreshing way. Take pure aloe vera gel and warm distilled water in 1:3 ratio. Pour them into a spray bottle and shake it well to prepare a thorough mixture. Your homemade spray is ready!


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4. Makeup Setting Spray With Witch Hazel

The beauty benefits of witch hazel for skin care are not at all unknown to us. You may have already been using it in place of your mineral oil-based makeup remover. However, apart from removing your makeup, it can also be used for sealing your made-up look. For making a DIY makeup setting spray with witch hazel, you need to blend witch hazel extract and distilled water or fresh rose water in 1:3 ratio. Pour it into a spray bottle and store it in the refrigerator.

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5. Makeup Setting Spray With Green Tea

Who doesn’t love to give her skin a rejuvenating antioxidant treatment? Well, you can also do it while setting your makeup. All you need to do is follow a makeup setting spray DIY recipe with some organic green tea. Boil some distilled water in a medium-sized pot. Steep a bag of organic green tea in it for around 15 to 20 minutes and then remove the bag. Let the concoction cool down completely (it should reach the room temperature). Now, add 3 to 4 drops of vitamin E oil to it. You may also take a vitamin E capsule and pour (1/4) of its content into the green tea mixture. Combine well and transfer the whole thing into a spray bottle. For the best results, spritz it over your face as many times as you need instead of using only after the application of makeup.

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Some Quick Handy Tips:

  • Even though these homemade setting sprays are preservative-free, adding vitamin E oil can increase their shelf life dramatically.
  • You may feel your skin to be a little dry right after using the spray. Just include a few drops of argan oil in it and you are good to go.
  • If you want some safe natural fragrance, put a few drops of essential oil of your choice in it.

So, which one is your favorite DIY makeup setting spray among these? Do let us know by commenting below.

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